Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys


The 2024 Copa America is set to be a thrilling and unpredictable tournament, featuring 16 diverse teams, each bringing its own unique history, playing style, and star players to the competition. As one of the most prestigious tournaments in international football, the Copa America showcases the best talent from South and North America. This year’s edition promises excitement with a mix of experienced veterans, rising stars, and passionate fan bases. In this article, we will delve into the backgrounds of these teams, highlighting their key players, tactical approaches, and the Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys they will don as they vie for glory. Let’s take a closer look at the teams participating in the 2024 Copa America and the jerseys they will proudly wear.

South American Teams


Argentina, the two-time defending champions, enter the 2024 Copa America as perennial favorites, carrying the weight of a rich footballing legacy and a burning desire to continue their reign. Led by the legendary Lionel Messi, whose extraordinary vision, dribbling skills, and precise finishing make him a football icon, Argentina boasts a formidable attacking lineup. This lineup includes Lautaro Martinez, renowned for his explosive speed, agility, and clinical goal-scoring abilities, creating a lethal partnership with Messi. Additionally, Paulo Dybala’s creativity, technical prowess, and versatility add another layer of complexity to Argentina’s offense, making them a constant threat to any defense. This attacking trio is supported by a solid midfield featuring Rodrigo De Paul and Leandro Paredes, whose combination of creativity and tactical awareness ensures control and fluidity in their gameplay.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys

The Argentina jersey, traditionally white with sky-blue stripes, symbolizes their rich footballing heritage and is sure to inspire their passionate fans. The kit features modern design elements while retaining the classic colors that represent Argentina’s pride and legacy in the sport.

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Bolivia is known for their high-altitude home advantage and gritty playing style, Bolivia enters the 2024 Copa America poised to leverage these strengths to upset stronger opponents. The challenging conditions at their home stadiums, situated at significant altitudes, provide Bolivia with a unique advantage that tests the endurance and adaptability of visiting teams. This advantage, coupled with their relentless determination and tenacious approach to the game, makes Bolivia a formidable opponent on the international stage. Opponents must navigate not only the skillful tactics of Bolivia but also the physical demands imposed by the high-altitude environment, setting the stage for compelling matchups and potential surprises throughout the tournament.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Their green jersey, adorned with red and yellow accents, represents the Bolivian flag and their fierce determination on the field. The jersey design emphasizes Bolivia’s rugged and resilient nature, mirroring the team’s underdog spirit.


Brazil, boasting an impressive record of five Copa America titles, is renowned for its electrifying and attacking brand of football. As they head into the 2024 Copa America, expectations are high for the Seleção to showcase their trademark flair and creativity on the field. Leading this charge is Neymar, a global football superstar known for his exceptional dribbling skills, vision, and goal-scoring ability. Alongside Neymar, young talents like Antony bring fresh energy and skill, contributing to Brazil’s dynamic offensive play. With a rich history of success and a roster filled with talent, Brazil aims to entertain fans and compete fiercely for another Copa America title.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

The iconic yellow jersey with green trim, a symbol of Brazilian football excellence, will be a common sight as they aim for another title. The vibrant yellow reflects the energy and flair of Brazilian football, while the green trim adds a touch of elegance.


Chile, the 2015 and 2016 Copa America champions, are revered for their tactical discipline and methodical approach to the game. Renowned for their organized play, La Roja exemplify a strong defensive structure complemented by swift counter-attacking strategies. At the heart of their success lies experienced veterans such as Arturo Vidal, whose leadership on the field and tactical acumen serve as pillars for the team’s cohesion. Vidal’s ability to dictate play from midfield, coupled with his tenacity and experience in high-stakes matches, makes him a crucial figure in Chile’s pursuit of further glory in the 2024 Copa America.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Chile’s red jersey, with blue and white details, reflects their national colors and their fighting spirit. The design is both bold and patriotic, embodying the team’s tenacity and tactical acumen.


Colombia is celebrated for its flair and technical prowess on the football pitch, embodying a style that blends creativity with precision. The team showcases formidable attacking talents such as James Rodriguez and Luis Diaz, both known for their ability to unlock defenses and create scoring opportunities. James Rodriguez, with his vision and playmaking skills, orchestrates the midfield with finesse, while Luis Diaz’s speed and agility add dynamism to Colombia’s forward line. Together, they epitomize Colombia’s commitment to entertaining and effective football, promising exciting performances in the 2024 Copa America as they aim to challenge for the title.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Their yellow jersey with blue and red highlights is synonymous with their vibrant and dynamic playing style. The bright colors symbolize Colombia’s lively culture and their creative approach to football.


Ecuador enters the 2024 Copa America with a promising young squad brimming with ambition and potential. The team is determined to showcase their talent on the international stage, led by rising stars like midfielder Moises Caicedo. Known for his athleticism, vision, and ability to control the midfield, Caicedo represents the youthful energy and skill that Ecuador brings to the tournament. Alongside him, other emerging talents are poised to make their mark, contributing to Ecuador’s evolving style of play characterized by dynamic movement and technical proficiency. As they seek to make a significant impact, Ecuador’s blend of young talent and rising ambition promises to add excitement and unpredictability to the Copa America competition.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys

The team’s yellow jersey with blue and red accents showcases their national pride and ambition. The contemporary design elements represent Ecuador’s forward-looking approach and youthful vigor.


Paraguay enters the 2024 Copa America with a reputation for defensive solidity and a relentless work ethic that makes them a formidable opponent for any team. Known for their disciplined defensive tactics and cohesive teamwork, La Albirroja prides itself on frustrating opponents with organized structures and resolute defending. This defensive strength is complemented by their tireless work ethic on the field, as every player contributes to the team’s collective effort to deny space and opportunities to their adversaries. As they prepare to challenge the best in South America, Paraguay’s commitment to defensive resilience and hard work sets the stage for compelling contests and potential upsets in the Copa America tournament.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Their red-and-white striped jersey, paired with blue shorts, reflects their national flag and their resolute approach to the game. The classic stripes convey a sense of tradition and resilience, hallmarks of Paraguayan football.


Peru, having reached the final of the Copa America in 2019, enters the 2024 tournament as a well-organized team known for their structured style of play and passionate fan base. The team’s success is underpinned by their disciplined approach on the field, emphasizing tactical awareness and teamwork to achieve results. At the forefront of Peru’s attack is experienced striker Paolo Guerrero, whose goal-scoring prowess and leadership qualities make him a pivotal figure for the team. Guerrero’s ability to inspire and rally his teammates, combined with Peru’s passionate support from fans, creates an electrifying atmosphere that drives their ambition in the Copa America. As they strive to replicate past successes, Peru’s blend of organization and fervent support promises to make them a formidable contender in the tournament.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys

The white jersey with a distinctive red sash is a classic design that resonates with Peruvian fans. The sash is a historic symbol of Peru’s footballing identity, representing purity and passion.


Uruguay, with a storied football history highlighted by two World Cup titles, brings formidable attacking firepower and a relentless spirit to the 2024 Copa America. Renowned for their never-say-die attitude, La Celeste boasts a strong midfield bolstered by seasoned veterans like Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. These prolific strikers bring years of international experience and goal-scoring prowess to Uruguay’s offensive line, ensuring a potent threat in every match. Their leadership on the field, coupled with Uruguay’s rich tradition of disciplined play and tactical resilience, embodies a team ready to compete fiercely for glory in the Copa America. As they harness their storied history and attacking prowess, Uruguay promises thrilling performances and intense competition throughout the tournament.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

The light blue jersey, representing the “Celeste,” is a symbol of their storied footballing history. The simple yet elegant design reflects Uruguay’s rich legacy and unwavering spirit.


Venezuela enters the 2024 Copa America with a promising trajectory, showcasing emerging talent and aiming to leave a lasting impact on the tournament. As a team on the rise, La Vinotinto is fueled by the ambition to defy expectations and compete at the highest level of South American football. Leading their charge is Yeferson Soteldo, a young and dynamic attacker known for his speed, creativity, and ability to unlock defenses. Soteldo exemplifies Venezuela’s commitment to attacking football, offering exciting possibilities with his flair and technical skill. With a blend of youthful exuberance and determination, Venezuela’s rising stars seek to captivate fans and establish themselves as formidable contenders in the Copa America, setting the stage for an exhilarating display of talent and potential.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys

The burgundy jersey, known as “La Vinotinto,” is a unique and proud representation of Venezuelan football. The deep burgundy color signifies strength and unity, characteristics of the Venezuelan squad.

North American Invitees


Canada, boasting a talented young squad, enters the 2024 Copa America as a rising force in international football. At the forefront of their campaign are standout players like Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David, who bring both skill and ambition to the team. Alphonso Davies, known for his blistering pace and versatility on the field, poses a constant threat down the flanks and in the attack. Jonathan David, a clinical finisher with a keen eye for goal, adds potency to Canada’s offensive capabilities. Together, these rising stars epitomize Canada’s growing influence in the sport, as they aim to make a significant impact in the Copa America. With their youthful energy and determination, Canada promises to challenge established teams and deliver exciting performances throughout the tournament, marking their ascent on the international stage.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

The red jersey, with white accents, represents Canada’s national colors and their growing presence in international football. The sleek design embodies the dynamism and promise of Canadian football.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known for their disciplined approach and solid defensive capabilities, enters the 2024 Copa America as a formidable team capable of challenging any opponent. Renowned for their organized play and tactical discipline, Los Ticos excel in maintaining defensive solidity while executing effective counter-attacking strategies. This disciplined approach is a hallmark of Costa Rican football, emphasizing teamwork and structure to neutralize opponents’ attacks and capitalize on scoring opportunities. With a history of competitive performances in international tournaments, Costa Rica’s resilient defense and strategic acumen make them a challenging adversary in the Copa America. As they prepare to compete against top-tier teams, Costa Rica’s commitment to organized play and defensive prowess sets the stage for compelling matches and potential upsets in the tournament.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys

The red jersey with blue and white details showcases their national pride and their strong defensive capabilities. The intricate patterns on the jersey reflect Costa Rica’s cultural richness and tactical discipline.


Mexico, a perennial contender in CONCACAF, enters the 2024 Copa America with a reputation as a consistent force in international football. Known for their strong squad depth and tactical prowess, El Tri brings a blend of experience and youthful energy to the tournament. Leading their charge are established stars such as Raul Jimenez and Hirving Lozano, who showcase exceptional skill and leadership on the field. Jimenez’s goal-scoring ability and physical presence in the box, combined with Lozano’s speed, dribbling, and creativity, provide Mexico with dynamic attacking options. Supported by a passionate fan base known for their unwavering support, Mexico’s presence in the Copa America promises electrifying matches and competitive performances. As they aim to challenge for the title, Mexico’s combination of talent, experience, and fervent support sets the stage for thrilling encounters and memorable moments in the tournament.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

The green jersey, with white and red trim, is a symbol of Mexican football excellence. The vibrant green stands for Mexico’s lush landscapes and fervent football culture, while the white and red add a touch of national pride.


Panama enters the 2024 Copa America as a well-organized team known for their strong work ethic and determined style of play, aiming to make an impact by causing upsets against formidable opponents. Renowned for their disciplined approach and cohesive teamwork, Los Canaleros emphasize defensive solidity and strategic play to challenge higher-ranked teams. This strong work ethic is ingrained in Panama’s football culture, reflecting their resilience and commitment to achieving success on the international stage. With a history of competitive performances in regional tournaments, Panama’s tenacious spirit and organized tactics make them a team to watch out for in the Copa America. As they prepare to face top-tier opposition, Panama’s dedication to disciplined football and determined play sets the stage for exciting matchups and potential surprises throughout the tournament.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys

The red jersey, with blue and white accents, reflects their national colors and their determined approach to the game. The bold red signifies Panama’s fiery spirit and relentless determination.

United States

As the host nation of the 2024 Copa America, the United States aims to showcase their potential with a youthful and dynamic squad. Led by standout talents Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie, the U.S. team brings a mix of skill, athleticism, and determination to the tournament. Pulisic, known for his electrifying pace and technical ability, is a pivotal figure in the attack, capable of creating scoring opportunities and influencing the game’s tempo. Alongside him, McKennie adds physicality and versatility, contributing both defensively and offensively in midfield.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

The red, white, and blue jersey symbolizes the nation’s pride and ambition in the tournament. The stars and stripes design is a patriotic nod to the US flag, encapsulating the country’s aspirations and youthful energy.


Jamaica enters the 2024 Copa America with a reputation for physical play and attacking flair, aiming to leave a mark with their dynamic style of football. Known as the Reggae Boyz, Jamaica combines robust physicality with swift counter-attacks and creative attacking maneuvers, making them a formidable opponent on the international stage. Their approach not only challenges opposing defenses but also captivates fans with exciting displays of skill and aggression. With a focus on disrupting opponents’ rhythm and seizing scoring opportunities, Jamaica’s commitment to an aggressive and entertaining brand of football promises to inject excitement into the tournament, showcasing their ability to compete fiercely against top-tier competition.

Copa America 2024 Jerseys:

Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys

The yellow jersey, with green and black details, reflects their vibrant culture and footballing style. The bright colors celebrate Jamaica’s lively spirit and their bold approach to the game.

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The 2024 Copa America promises to be a captivating tournament, with each team bringing its own unique style and story. From the experienced champions like Argentina and Brazil to the rising stars of Canada and Ecuador, the competition will be fierce and entertaining. The Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys, representing the rich cultural and footballing heritage of each nation, will add to the spectacle, making this tournament one to remember. Whether you’re cheering for the defending champions or rooting for an underdog, the Copa America 2024 Teams and Jerseys will be at the heart of the excitement, showcasing the best of football from the Americas.

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