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The Copa America, one of the most prestigious tournaments in international football, is not just about national pride and continental supremacy. It also comes with significant financial rewards. For the 2024 edition, the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) has announced a staggering prize pool. That reflects the tournament’s growing commercial success and competitive spirit. This article delves into the details of the Copa America prize money, highlighting the financial incentives for participating teams and their performance-based earnings.

The Copa America has long been a highlight of the football calendar. It brings together the best teams from South America to compete for the title of continental champion. Beyond the glory and the thrill of the matches, there’s a substantial financial aspect to the competition. It adds another layer of motivation for the teams involved. The Copa America prize money for 2024 marks a significant increase from previous editions, demonstrating Conmebol’s commitment to making the tournament more lucrative and rewarding for its participants.

Total Prize Pool for Copa America 2024

For the 2024 edition, Conmebol has set a total prize pool of $72 million. This considerable sum represents a significant increase from previous years and is aimed at enhancing the competitive nature of the tournament. Each of the 16 participating teams will receive $2 million just for entering the competition, ensuring that even those who do not advance past the group stage are compensated for their efforts.


Participation Prize

Every team that participates in the Copa America 2024 will receive $2 million. This base amount is designed to cover initial expenses and provide a financial foundation for all teams, regardless of their performance in the tournament. This figure alone highlights the inclusive nature of the competition, ensuring that all teams are rewarded for their participation.

Breakdown of the Copa America Prize Money

The remaining $40 million of the total prize pool is allocated based on the teams’ progression in the tournament. This structured distribution aims to reward teams progressively more as they advance further in the competition. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Copa America prize money:

Final PositionPrize Money (USD)
Group Stage2 million
Quarterfinals4 million
Fourth Place4 million
Third Place5 million
Runner-up7 million
Winner16 million

Group Stage

Teams that advance beyond the group stage will see their prize money increase. Moving past the group stage adds another $2 million to their initial participation prize, totaling $4 million. This stepwise increase incentivizes teams to perform well in the initial phase of the tournament.


Reaching the quarterfinals brings an additional financial reward. Teams that make it to this stage will receive $4 million. This amount reflects the significance of advancing past the group stage and into the knockout rounds, where the competition becomes more intense.

Fourth Place

The team that finishes in fourth place will earn $4 million. Although missing out on a podium finish, this amount ensures that their efforts throughout the tournament are well compensated. This prize is an increase from the participation and quarterfinal amounts, emphasizing the achievement of reaching the semifinals.

Third Place

The match for third place, often a highly contested fixture, carries significant financial stakes. The winner of this match will take home $5 million, while the fourth-placed team, as mentioned earlier, will earn $4 million. This financial reward makes the third-place match a valuable game for both competing teams.


The runner-up of the Copa America 2024 will receive $7 million. This substantial prize is a testament to their performance and near success in the tournament. Interestingly, this amount is higher than the prize awarded to the champion in the 2021 edition, reflecting the overall increase in prize money for 2024.


The ultimate prize goes to the champion of Copa America 2024, who will receive a record $16 million. This amount significantly increases from the $6.5 million awarded to Argentina, the defending champions, in 2021. The prize money for the winner underscores the prestige and competitive edge of the tournament.


Additional Expenses Covered

In addition to the prize money, Conmebol will cover various expenses for the participating teams, including hotels, airfare, and ground transportation. This financial support ensures that the teams can focus entirely on their performance without worrying about logistical costs. The tournament’s organization aims to provide a seamless experience for all 16 teams over nearly a month of scheduled competition across the United States.

Significance of the Increased Prize Money

The increase in Copa America prize money for 2024 has several implications for the tournament and the participating teams:

  1. Enhanced Competition: The substantial financial rewards are likely to boost the competitive nature of the tournament. Teams have more at stake, which can lead to more intense and exciting matches.
  2. Financial Stability: For many national football federations, the prize money from Copa America can provide essential financial support. They can use the funds to develop football infrastructure, support grassroots programs, and improve the overall standard of the game in their countries.
  3. Player Motivation: Higher prize money can also serve as a significant motivation for players and coaching staff. Knowing that their efforts could result in substantial financial rewards can inspire better performances on the field.
  4. Commercial Growth: The increased prize pool reflects the commercial growth and success of Copa America. It highlights the tournament’s ability to attract sponsors, broadcasters, and a global audience, contributing to its financial stability and future prospects.

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Historical Comparison

To understand the significance of the 2024 prize money, it’s helpful to compare it with previous editions. In 2021, the total prize money was $19.5 million, with the champion, Argentina, receiving $6.5 million. The drastic increase to a total of $72 million in 2024, with the champion receiving $16 million, illustrates the tournament’s growth in financial terms.

Breakdown of Prize Money in 2021 | Copa America Prize Money

Final PositionPrize Money (USD)
Winner6.5 million
Runner-up4 million
Third Place3 million
Fourth Place2 million
Quarterfinals1 million
Group StageParticipation Fee

The comparison highlights how the prize money has evolved, reflecting increased sponsorship, broadcasting rights, and overall financial health of the tournament.


How much money does the winner of the Copa America 2024 get?

Though the official prize pool has not been disclosed. It is believed that the Copa America 2024 winner will receive a record-breaking $16 million.

Which team is the most successful at Copa America?

Argentina and Uruguay, each with 15 Copa America titles, are eager to break their tie and become the tournament’s most successful nation. Colombia has one title from 2001, while Canada is participating in the tournament for the first time.

Who is the favorite to win Copa América?

According to BetMGM soccer odds, Argentina is the favorite to win the 2024 Copa América.


The Copa America 2024 promises not only thrilling football action but also significant financial rewards for the participating teams. The substantial increase in Copa America prize money underscores Conmebol’s commitment to making the tournament more rewarding and competitive. With a total prize pool of $72 million, the stakes are higher than ever.It will ensure that teams fight with intensity and passion in every match. As teams vie for the prestigious title and the lucrative rewards, fans can look forward to a spectacular display of football excellence. The financial incentives will make Copa America 2024 a memorable and fiercely contested tournament, adding another exciting chapter to the rich history of South American football.

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