Euro Cup 2024 Schedule: Everything You Need to Know


Euro Cup 2024 Schedule

The anticipation for the UEFA Euro Cup 2024 is building as football fans around the globe eagerly await the start of one of the most prestigious tournaments in the sport. Set to be hosted by Germany, this year’s Euro Cup promises to deliver high-octane matches, featuring Europe’s best national teams vying for the coveted trophy. The tournament kicks off on June 14, 2024, and concludes with the final on July 14, 2024, in Berlin. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the Euro Cup 2024 schedule, covering all the crucial dates, matches, and details you need to know.

Group Stage: Euro Cup 2024 Schedule

The group stage of Euro 2024 runs from June 14 to June 26, featuring intense clashes as teams battle to advance to the knockout rounds. Let’s delve into the match schedule, highlighting key encounters and outcomes.

June 14

  • Group A: Germany 5-1 Scotland (Munich)
    • The host nation, Germany, began their campaign with a resounding victory over Scotland, setting the tone for their quest for the title.

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June 15

  • Group A: Hungary 1-3 Switzerland (Cologne)
  • Group B: Spain 3-0 Croatia (Berlin)
  • Group B: Italy 2-1 Albania (Dortmund)
    • Spain and Italy both secured important wins, establishing their positions as strong contenders in Group B.

June 16

  • Group D: Poland 1-2 Netherlands (Hamburg)
  • Group C: Slovenia 1-1 Denmark (Stuttgart)
  • Group C: Serbia 0-1 England (Gelsenkirchen)
    • England’s narrow win against Serbia indicated their determination to make a deep run in the tournament.

June 17

  • Group E: Romania 3-0 Ukraine (Munich)
  • Group E: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia (Frankfurt)
  • Group D: Austria 0-1 France (Düsseldorf)
    • France, the reigning World Cup champions, started strong with a victory over Austria.

June 18

  • Group F: Türkiye 3-1 Georgia (Dortmund)
  • Group F: Portugal 2-1 Czechia (Leipzig)
    • Portugal’s win, led by their star players, was a significant step towards their aspirations in Group F.

June 19

  • Group B: Croatia 2-2 Albania (Hamburg)
  • Group A: Germany 2-0 Hungary (Stuttgart)
  • Group A: Scotland 1-1 Switzerland (Cologne)
    • Germany continued their winning streak, while Scotland and Switzerland shared points in a hard-fought draw.

June 20

  • Group C: Slovenia vs Serbia (Munich, 15:00)
  • Group C: Denmark vs England (Frankfurt, 18:00)
  • Group B: Spain vs Italy (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)
    • The clash between Spain and Italy is expected to be one of the highlights of the group stage.

June 21

  • Group E: Slovakia vs Ukraine (Düsseldorf, 15:00)
  • Group D: Poland vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)
  • Group D: Netherlands vs France (Leipzig, 21:00)
    • A marquee matchup between the Netherlands and France will likely be pivotal in determining the group winner.

June 22

  • Group F: Georgia vs Czechia (Hamburg, 15:00)
  • Group F: Türkiye vs Portugal (Dortmund, 18:00)
  • Group E: Belgium vs Romania (Cologne, 21:00)
    • Portugal faces another crucial test against Türkiye as they aim to top Group F.

June 23

  • Group A: Switzerland vs Germany (Frankfurt, 21:00)
  • Group A: Scotland vs Hungary (Stuttgart, 21:00)
    • Germany seeks to maintain their dominance in Group A against a resilient Swiss side.

June 24

  • Group B: Croatia vs Italy (Leipzig, 21:00)
  • Group B: Albania vs Spain (Düsseldorf, 21:00)
    • Spain aims to continue their perfect run against Albania, while Croatia and Italy fight for crucial points.

June 25

  • Group D: Netherlands vs Austria (Berlin, 18:00)
  • Group D: France vs Poland (Dortmund, 18:00)
  • Group C: England vs Slovenia (Cologne, 21:00)
  • Group C: Denmark vs Serbia (Munich, 21:00)
    • Key matches in Group D and C will decide the fate of several teams in the tournament.

June 26

  • Group E: Slovakia vs Romania (Frankfurt, 18:00)
  • Group E: Ukraine vs Belgium (Stuttgart, 18:00)
  • Group F: Czechia vs Türkiye (Hamburg, 21:00)
  • Group F: Georgia vs Portugal (Gelsenkirchen, 21:00)
    • The final day of group matches will see teams vying for the last available spots in the knockout rounds.

Knockout Stage: Euro Cup 2024 Schedule

Round of 16

The round of 16 begins on June 29 and runs through July 2, with top teams from each group and the best third-placed teams competing.

June 29

  • Match 38: 2A vs 2B (Berlin, 18:00)
  • Match 37: 1A vs 2C (Dortmund, 21:00)

June 30

  • Match 40: 1C vs 3D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen, 18:00)
  • Match 39: 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (Cologne, 21:00)

July 1

  • Match 42: 2D vs 2E (Düsseldorf, 18:00)
  • Match 41: 1F vs 3A/B/C (Frankfurt, 21:00)

July 2

  • Match 43: 1E vs 3A/B/C/D (Munich, 18:00)
  • Match 44: 1D vs 2F (Leipzig, 21:00)

With two rest days on July 3 and 4, teams will have a brief respite before the quarter-finals commence.


The quarter-finals are set for July 5 and 6.

July 5

  • Match 45: Winner 39 vs Winner 37 (Stuttgart, 18:00)
  • Match 46: Winner 41 vs Winner 42 (Hamburg, 21:00)

July 6

  • Match 48: Winner 40 vs Winner 38 (Düsseldorf, 18:00)
  • Match 47: Winner 43 vs Winner 44 (Berlin, 21:00)

Teams will then have two more rest days on July 7 and 8 to prepare for the semi-finals.


The semi-finals will take place on July 9 and 10.

July 9

  • Match 49: Winner 45 vs Winner 46 (Munich, 21:00)

July 10

  • Match 50: Winner 47 vs Winner 48 (Dortmund, 21:00)


The grand finale of Euro 2024 is scheduled for July 14.

July 14

  • Final: Winner 49 vs Winner 50 (Berlin, 21:00)

The tournament will culminate in Berlin, where one team will emerge as the champions of Europe.

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Summing it Up: Euro Cup 2024 Schedule

Euro 2024 promises to be a thrilling display of football excellence, with top teams from across Europe competing in a month-long festival of sport. From the group stages to the final, each match offers the potential for memorable moments and historic achievements. The carefully planned schedule, with regional clusters to promote sustainability, ensures that fans and teams alike can enjoy a seamless and exciting tournament. As we look forward to June 14, let the countdown to Euro 2024 begin, with the hope of witnessing spectacular performances and the crowning of a new European champion.

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