Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024


The Copa America is a grand stage where football superstars like Lionel Messi, Neymar, and Luis Suarez often dominate the headlines. However, beyond these household names lies a wealth of talent, crucial to their teams’ success yet often overlooked. This article shines a spotlight on the “Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024,” showcasing those who may not be as famous but are indispensable to their squads.

1. Wilmar Barrios | Argentina

While Argentina is celebrated for its world-class attack, the defensive solidity provided by players like Wilmar Barrios often goes unnoticed. Playing as a defensive midfielder for Zenit St. Petersburg, Barrios is the unsung hero who holds Argentina’s midfield together. His tireless tackling and excellent positional sense allow attacking talents like Messi to shine by shielding the backline. Barrios’s role is critical in maintaining the balance between defense and attack, making him a key figure in Argentina’s campaign.

Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024

Barrios’s importance extends beyond just breaking up opposition plays. His ability to read the game and intercept passes disrupts the opponents’ rhythm, providing Argentina with more opportunities to regain possession and launch counter-attacks. Additionally, his calm demeanor under pressure ensures that he can effectively distribute the ball to more creative players, initiating attacks from deep positions. Wilmar Barrios is undoubtedly a cornerstone of Argentina’s strategy, providing the necessary foundation for their attacking prowess to flourish.

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2. Jhon Arias | Colombia

Colombia is considered a dark horse in the competition, and Jhon Arias is a significant reason for their potential success. As a winger for Fluminense, Arias might not be a prolific goal scorer, but his creativity and ability to weave past defenders on the flank are vital. His skill in creating chances for teammates like Luis Diaz makes him a constant threat to opposition defenses. Arias’s ability to cause problems for opponents could be pivotal for Colombia’s aspirations in the tournament.

Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024

Beyond his dribbling skills and pace, Arias’s vision and passing accuracy set him apart. He excels in delivering precise crosses and through balls, often catching defenses off guard. His ability to adapt and switch play from one side of the field to the other creates additional space and opportunities for his team. Furthermore, Arias’s work rate and willingness to track back and support defensively ensure that he contributes to the team effort on both ends of the pitch. His versatility and consistent performances make him a key player to watch in Copa America 2024.

3. Erick Pulgar | Chile

Chile’s golden generation might be aging, but Erick Pulgar remains a formidable force in their midfield. The defensive midfielder for Flamengo brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the team. Known for his ability to break up play and initiate attacks from deep, Pulgar’s presence is crucial for Chile’s hopes of replicating their past successes. His calmness under pressure and tactical intelligence make him one of the top underrated players to watch in the Copa America 2024.

Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024

Pulgar’s versatility also allows him to contribute in various midfield roles, whether as a holding midfielder or pushing forward to support attacks. His accurate passing and ability to control the tempo of the game are assets that enable Chile to maintain possession and build from the back. Additionally, his proficiency in set-pieces, both defensively and offensively, adds another dimension to his game. Erick Pulgar’s blend of experience, skill, and tactical awareness ensures that he remains a vital cog in the Chilean team, guiding them through the challenges of the tournament.

4. Ayrton Preciado | Ecuador

Ecuador often relies on veteran Enner Valencia, but Ayrton Preciado is emerging as a rising star who deserves more recognition. As a winger for Santos Laguna in Liga MX, Preciado is known for his blistering pace and pinpoint crosses. His ability to single-handedly change the game with his attacking threat makes him a potential breakout star in the tournament. Preciado’s performances could be instrumental in propelling Ecuador to new heights in Copa America 2024.

Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024

Preciado’s impact is not limited to his offensive capabilities. His relentless work rate and determination make him a formidable presence on the pitch. He consistently presses defenders and forces turnovers, providing his team with additional scoring opportunities. Moreover, his willingness to take on defenders and create scoring chances for himself and his teammates makes him a constant threat. Ayrton Preciado’s dynamic playing style and ability to influence the game in multiple ways position him as a crucial player for Ecuador in the tournament.

5. Yoshimar Yotún | Peru

Peru may not be among the favorites, but Yoshimar Yotún is a player who can make a significant difference. The experienced midfielder for Sporting Cristal is the engine of the Peruvian team. Known for his tenacity, work rate, and leadership qualities, Yotún’s contributions are invaluable. His experience on the big stage and ability to drive his team forward will be crucial for Peru’s campaign. Yotún’s presence ensures that Peru remains a competitive force in the tournament.

Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024

Yotún’s versatility allows him to excel in various midfield roles, whether as a playmaker or a defensive midfielder. His passing accuracy and vision enable him to orchestrate attacks and link up play effectively. Additionally, his defensive skills, including tackling and intercepting, help Peru maintain solidity in the midfield. Yotún’s ability to perform consistently at a high level and his dedication to the team’s success make him an indispensable player for Peru. His leadership on and off the field will be vital in guiding Peru through the challenges of Copa America 2024.

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The Copa America is a platform for these underrated players to shine. While the likes of Messi and Neymar will undoubtedly be in the spotlight, the “Top 5 Most Underrated Players in Copa America 2024” have the potential to make a significant impact on their teams’ fortunes. As the tournament unfolds, keep an eye on these hidden gems who could surprise everyone with their talent and contribution to the beautiful game. Their performances could be the difference-makers for their teams, highlighting the depth and richness of talent in South American football.

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