Pushing Forward: Abdullah Mason May Be the Next Star of American Boxing

Abdullah Mason

In Cleveland, Ohio, the Museum of Art displays “Stag at Sharkey’s,” a 115-year-old painting by George Bellows capturing the essence of boxing. Fast forward to 2024, and Cleveland is abuzz with excitement over another local talent: Abdullah Mason. The young southpaw, considered one of the sport’s best prospects, is driven by an obsession to refine his natural abilities.

“It’s never the end,” says Mason (13-0, 11 KOs) to Boxing News. “In a competitive sport, someone is always coming behind you or at your back. I want to excel and be better. The good things I do, I aim to do them better. I just keep pushing forward.”

Mason’s success is fueled by a strong bond with his father and trainer, Valiant Mason, and his five siblings, four of whom are also boxers. Despite Cleveland’s rough environment, the Mason family found focus and inspiration in boxing, forming a tight-knit unit against negative influences.

“Cleveland is tough, but you must be around the right people,” Mason reflects. “Our father kept us away from trouble and hustled products from his fragrance shop to support our boxing endeavors.”

The Mason siblings were introduced to martial arts by their father, but it was Abdullah who first embraced boxing after the family returned from living abroad in Yemen and Egypt. “When we came back, there was a boxing gym nearby. I was the first to show interest, and my brothers followed. Once I started sparring, I knew this was what I wanted to do. When my brothers joined, I got serious. I wanted to take over boxing.”

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Sibling rivalry, often a hurdle in ambitious families, only sharpened the Mason brothers’ skills and bolstered their confidence. “We’re more supportive than competitive,” Mason says. “We push each other to be better in every area, not just boxing. Each of us has similar styles but different personalities.”

Mason values the unique dynamic of having his father and brothers in his corner. “They see things others don’t, and I apply their insights well. Having them in my corner is comforting and gives me an extra push. I can lock in better knowing they are there.”

Mason’s hard work has resulted in an impressive set of highlight reel knockouts, garnering praise and predictions of future dominance in the lightweight division. Competing against undefeated prospects like Andy Cruz, Keyshawn Davis, and Emiliano Vargas, Mason aims to showcase his full fighting abilities beyond his recognized power.

“In the gym, I work on combinations, movement, and strategy. In fights, you’ll see those elements come together. As I face durable opponents in longer fights, people will see more of my arsenal and style. There’s a lot more to me than just power.”

With a bright future ahead, Abdullah Mason is set to become the next star of American boxing.

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