Devin Haney Uninterested in Ryan Garcia Rematch Over PED Controversy, Says Eddie Hearn

Devin Haney vs Ryan Garcia rematch

Devin Haney’s reluctance to pursue a rematch with Ryan Garcia continues, according to Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn. This reluctance stems from Haney’s dissatisfaction with Garcia’s positive PED test following their April 20th bout.

Haney is reportedly seeking a disqualification win over Garcia, hoping to be awarded the victory due to the PED violation. However, the final decision rests with the New York State Athletic Commission. Despite Haney’s desire for a technical victory, many boxing fans perceive this approach as a weak attempt to secure a win.

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Hearn acknowledges Haney’s concerns about the physical toll of their previous fight and the impact of Garcia’s PED use on the bout’s outcome. He emphasizes that Haney’s career and marketability could suffer significantly from another defeat to Garcia, especially a knockout loss.

While Haney’s camp leans towards a disqualification victory or a no-contest due to the PED violation, Hearn recognizes the public’s preference for a rematch to settle the matter definitively. However, he also notes that any outcome other than a clear victory in the ring might tarnish Haney’s standing in the boxing world.

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