Edmonton Oilers Fans Across Canada Gear Up for Epic Game 7

Edmonton Oilers Game 7

The Edmonton Oilers may be away from home ice as they face the Florida Panthers in Monday night’s Stanley Cup clincher, but the roar of support will echo across Canada. From rinkside watch parties to bars, senior homes, and living rooms, fans are ready.

“We cheer them on every single game of the season,” said Derrick DeMone, an Oilers fan in Sydney, N.S. He’ll be watching at home with his sons, aged 24, 14, and 12. DeMone’s house is a testament to his devotion, adorned with Oilers jerseys, blankets, pillows, and flags.

In a city dominated by Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, and Boston Bruins supporters, DeMone’s allegiance is well-known. “If I’m not wearing an article of Oilers, whether it’s a hat or a hoodie, then I’m not out in the public,” he laughed.

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In Edmonton, thousands of fans have filled Rogers Place for both home and away playoff games, with thousands more watching giant screens outside the arena. Among them is Mary Loewen, also known as Mama Stanley, who will be dressed as the Stanley Cup, cheering on the team and posing for photos with fellow fans.

“People are saying, ‘Let’s fly to Florida.’ No. I want to be with the people in my kingdom,” Loewen said on Saturday about her plans for the final game.

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