Mohammad Hafeez Reveals Startling Behavior of Pakistan Cricket Players

Mohammad Hafeez reveals players’ shocking behaviour

Former Pakistan cricket team Director Mohammad Hafeez has disclosed alarming details about the players’ conduct and attitude during his tenure. Hafeez, who served from November 2023 to February 2024 and briefly as interim head coach, criticized the national players following Pakistan’s early exit from the T20 World Cup 2024, highlighting their lack of discipline.

Speaking with cricket icons Michael Vaughan and Adam Gilchrist, Hafeez recounted a disturbing incident where players were found sleeping in the dressing room during Test matches. “Gilly, can you imagine players sleeping in the dressing room during a Test match? I found 4-5 players asleep. How can you allow that as a team director?” Hafeez queried.

Vaughan humorously asked if they were tired, to which Hafeez sternly replied, “I really don’t know. I was shocked. If you act like this, you cannot be part of this team.”

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Emphasizing the need for focus in professional cricket, Hafeez insisted he never interfered in players’ personal lives but demanded complete concentration during games. “Focus during the game is crucial. Off the field, your life is your own, but during professional hours, focus on cricket,” he stressed.

He advised fast bowlers to rest and use ice baths but to stay mentally engaged with the game, as other teams do. Hafeez lamented that his stance was not well-received by the media, concluding, “You cannot switch off during the game, but unfortunately, the media didn’t like it.”

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