Johnny Fisher Ready to Prove His Mettle Against Alen Babic in Heavyweight Clash

Johnny Fisher vs Alen Babic

Heavyweights often get more time to develop compared to fighters in other divisions. A powerful right hand can hide many flaws, and a spectacular finish can guarantee fan interest, regardless of what led up to it. Eventually, though, a heavyweight prospect must show if they can take as well as they give. For Johnny Fisher, that moment might be here.

On July 6th, Fisher, boasting an 11-0 record with 10 KOs, faces Alen Babic, who stands at 12-1 with 11 KOs, at the Copperbox Arena.

Babic is raw and aggressive. He can be hit and hurt – evidenced by his knockout loss to Lukasz Rozanski in their WBC bridgerweight title fight 14 months ago – but the Croatian is known for his chaotic style and knockout power. He will bring the fight to Fisher from the opening bell.

Fisher, a former rugby player, has progressed steadily, employing heavy, straight shots and classic heavyweight techniques honed under the guidance of Mark Tibbs. Fisher is likely to start as the favorite, but the bout could reveal much about the 25-year-old.

The fight will test whether Fisher can remain composed and follow a game plan under pressure. If he can’t, it will show if he has the fighting instincts to succeed in a brawl.

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“I’ve definitely got the power; we’ve seen that before. If we go to the trenches, that’s what I believe I’ve got inside me,” Fisher stated. “You can train as much as you want in the gym, but that’s a mentality. That’s something you’re born with no matter what background you’re from. I’ve got that mentality.

“Me and Alen are gonna get in the ring and have a proper tear-up. Alen’s saying he’s the underdog, but you’re talking about 13 years of experience, 10 years as an amateur, 100 fights. It sounds like you think you’re the favorite. The thing is, it’s not about me having to fight Alen Babic, it’s about you having to fight Johnny Fisher.”

Fisher still faces skepticism. Some believe his large fanbase shields him and that his lack of amateur experience will eventually be his downfall as he climbs the ranks.

However, Fisher’s approach has been commendable. He has stayed focused, sparred with top fighters, and set realistic short- and long-term goals. Three years and eleven fights into his professional career, he trusts his path.

“If you’re in boxing and you care about what people think or say, you’re in the wrong sport,” he said. “Look at Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Oleksandr Usyk. You’ll get criticism from every angle. What matters is having a supportive team and belief in yourself. Self-belief is something I’m never gonna lack.”

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