Lionel Messi Hints at Retirement, Reflects on Life After Football

Lionel Messi retirement

Inter Miami star Lionel Messi has recently hinted that his retirement from football might be closer than fans anticipated.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN Argentina, the 36-year-old legend shared his thoughts and concerns about life beyond the sport that has defined his entire existence, Marca reported.

Messi, one of the greatest footballers of all time, spoke openly about nearing the end of his career, revealing his anxiety about this major life transition.

“I’m not prepared to leave football,” Messi admitted to ESPN Argentina. “I’ve done this my whole life; I love the training, the games. The fear of it all ending is always there.”

He also indicated which club will likely witness his final moments on the pitch.

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“I think Inter Miami is going to be my last club.”

Messi’s current contract with Inter Miami runs until the end of 2025, potentially marking the conclusion of an illustrious career filled with numerous accolades. His remarkable journey includes multiple Champions League titles, league victories in Spain and France, a Copa America triumph, and a World Cup win with Argentina.

Additionally, Messi has earned several Ballon d’Or awards, recognizing him as the best player in the world.

His candid remarks highlight the emotional and psychological challenges even the top athletes face as they approach the end of their professional careers.

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