Luka Doncic’s defensive struggles reach critical levels as Mavericks face potential sweep by Celtics

Luka Doncic defense, Mavericks swept by Celtics

Luka Doncic’s defensive shortcomings were on full display in the Dallas Mavericks’ Game 3 loss to the Boston Celtics, leading to his fouling out with just over four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. The pivotal moment came as Doncic attempted to defend Jaylen Brown, resulting in a charging foul that ultimately sealed Dallas’ fate in the game, losing 106-99 and putting them at a 3-0 series deficit.

Analysts and fans alike have been quick to criticize Doncic’s defensive efforts, citing numerous instances of defensive lapses throughout the series. In Game 2 alone, Doncic was “blown by” 13 times, marking a concerning trend that has plagued the Mavericks’ defense.

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While Doncic’s offensive prowess is undeniable, his defensive struggles have been a glaring weakness, especially in crucial playoff moments. Despite efforts to improve defensively over the years, Doncic’s performance against the Celtics has highlighted his limitations on that end of the court.

The pressure is now on Doncic and the Mavericks to address these defensive issues, but with the series leaning heavily in favor of the Celtics, time is running out for any significant turnaround.

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