Patrick Kane “Still in Contact with Detroit,” Reports ESPN’s Emily Kaplan

Patrick Kane Detroit Red Wings

Despite earlier signs of a parting, Patrick Kane’s time with the Detroit Red Wings might continue, according to ESPN’s Emily Kaplan. Initially, it seemed Kane and the Red Wings would part ways after the season. However, Kaplan’s latest report suggests otherwise.

Kane is a unique free agent due to his résumé, skill set, age, and injury history, making it challenging to find comparable players. As Kaplan notes, Kane’s performance this year was impressive, delivering 47 points in 50 games for Detroit on a $2.75 million contract. His next contract could see that figure double with a longer term.

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While Kane remains a top creative player and one of the league’s best passers, his game has its limitations at age 35, especially after hip re-surfacing surgery. He’s less effective in checking and forechecking roles.

For Kane to stay in Detroit, GM Steve Yzerman must find a suitable price and term that benefit both parties.

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