The 15 Best Sports Commercials of All-Time


Best Sports Commercials have become a powerful medium, not just for advertising but for building brand loyalty and achieving monumental commercial success. In this exploration, we dive into the realm of iconic sports commercials, acknowledging their immense exposure and lasting impact on audiences.

15. Be Like Mike – Gatorade (1992)

A pinnacle in sports advertising, “Be Like Mike” by Gatorade, post the 1992 NBA Finals, showcased Michael Jordan’s highlights, inspiring a generation to emulate his prowess.

14. Winner Stays On – Nike (2014)

Nike’s 2014 World Cup gem featured kids transforming into soccer superstars like Ronaldo and Neymar, ingeniously capturing the essence of idolization.

13. The Showdown – McDonald’s (1993)

Michael Jordan faced off with Larry Bird in a H.O.R.S.E game for McDonald’s, creating an iconic showdown that transcended the basketball court and resonated with audiences.

12. Joga Bonito – Nike (2006)

Nike’s “Play Beautifully” campaign ahead of the 2006 World Cup, hosted by Eric Cantona. Aimed to restore the beauty of football amidst concerns of theatrics.

11. Just For Men (2008)

Emmitt Smith, Clyde Frazier, and Keith Hernandez added humor to Just For Men’s commercial, targeting an older audience and featuring NFL legends.

10. Take It to the Next Level – Nike (2008)

In this Nike classic, a first-person perspective takes a young footballer from Sunday League to playing alongside legends, showcasing the dream journey in football.

9. Under Armour – We Must Protect This House (2003)

Under Armour’s modest-budget commercial, “We Must Protect This House,” became a rallying cry for teams and contributed to the brand’s growth.

8. The Cage – Nike (2002)

Leading up to the 2002 World Cup, Nike’s “The Cage” campaign, featuring a fictional tournament, not only starred football greats but inspired real-world 3-on-3 tournaments.

7. Michael Vick Experience – Nike (2004)

Nike’s compelling commercial featuring Michael Vick took fans on a thrilling roller coaster ride, showcasing the excitement of the NFL star’s dual-threat abilities.

6. Very Real Power – Powerade (2001)

Capitalizing on Michael Vick’s prowess, Powerade’s “Very Real Power” campaign, with a $60 million budget, showcased his throwing power with clever editing.

5. 1984 – Apple (1984)

Apple’s iconic “1984” commercial, aired during the Super Bowl, used sports as a platform to introduce the Macintosh computer, revolutionizing both technology and advertising.

4. Bo Knows – Nike (1989)

The “Bo Knows” campaign featuring Bo Jackson, excelling in various sports, blended cross-training promotion with Jackson’s cross-over athleticism.

3. Two Kids – Pepsi (1992)

Cindy Crawford’s iconic Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi in 1992, featuring a Lamborghini and two awestruck kids, remains one of the Best Sports Commercials in Super Bowl history.

2. This Is SportsCenter – ESPN (1995)

ESPN’s ongoing “This is SportsCenter” campaign, running since 1995, humorously depicts athletes in everyday office situations. Becoming an iconic and enduring series of Best Sports Commercials.

1. Freestyle Hoops – Nike (2001)

Nike’s “Freestyle Hoops” ad from 2001, featuring streetballers and basketball stars like Vince Carter, blended upbeat music, dance. And hip-hop, leaving an indelible mark as the Best Sports Commercials in history.

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Summing it Up

From inspiring a generation to play beautifully to capturing the essence of athletic prowess. These Best Sports Commercials have etched their place in advertising history. Each one not only showcased the featured athletes but also became a cultural phenomenon. Leaving a lasting impact on sports and advertising alike.

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