The All-Time Greatest Headers of a Football in History!


Heading a football is a unique skill that separates the talented from the elite. While height can be an advantage, our list proves that exceptional technique and timing are equally important. Here, we delve into the incredible careers of five players, who mastered the art of the headed goal, who had All-Time Greatest Headers.

All-Time Greatest Headers: A Galaxy of Talent

Before delving into our top five, it’s crucial to recognize numerous other outstanding headers in football history. Icons such as Andy Carroll, Duncan Edwards, Alan Shearer, Ian Wright, Andy Cole, Sergio Ramos, and Olivier Giroud all merit honorable mentions. Their mastery in the air has haunted defenders for generations.

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1. Javier Hernandez: All-Time Greatest Headers

Standing at a mere 5ft 7in, Javier Hernandez, nicknamed “Chicharito,” defies expectations. Despite his lack of height, he possesses one of the most unorthodox yet effective heading techniques in the game. From audacious backward headers to simple poaches at the back post, Chicharito’s predatory instincts made him a fan favorite. Notably, all of his 53 Premier League goals were scored inside the box, a record only surpassed by Tim Cahill.

Chicharito’s goalscoring record is even more impressive considering his reliance on heading. He has racked up a staggering 205 goals in 540 club appearances across spells with Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Madrid, West Ham United, and LA Galaxy. Additionally, his 52 goals in 109 appearances for Mexico stand as the nation’s all-time top scorer. This “fox in the box,” as his nickname translates to, proves that heading prowess doesn’t require a towering frame.

2. John Charles: All-Time Greatest Headers

Don’t be fooled by the nickname “The Gentle Giant.” John Charles’ playing style was anything but gentle. He was a force to be reckoned with in the penalty area, combining aerial dominance with pace and strength. Initially starting his career at Leeds United as a center-half, a chance experiment at forward at the tender age of 17 unlocked his true potential – he netted an astonishing 11 goals in just 6 matches. This pivotal moment cemented his place as a striker, leading him to score a phenomenal 154 goals in 317 appearances for Leeds across two stints with the club.

Charles’ prowess didn’t go unnoticed. Juventus broke the British transfer record in 1957 to secure his services. He became a hero in Turin, helping the “Old Lady” win three league titles and two Coppa Italia trophies. Despite his imposing figure, Charles remarkably never received a single booking in his career, perhaps explaining the “Gentle Giant” moniker. However, his power and strength translated into a career total of almost 400 goals in over 700 club appearances, with many finding the net via his head. He further cemented his legend with 15 goals in 38 international caps for Wales.

3. Christian Vieri: “The Bull” with a Natural Aerial Ability

Holding the record for most headed goals in Serie A history, Christian Vieri charges onto our list at number three. Nicknamed “The Bull” for his direct, aggressive playing style with pace and power, Vieri’s career was unfortunately hampered by injuries. As age and injuries slowed him down, his natural aerial ability became even more crucial. He transitioned from chasing down long balls to a dominant presence in the air, utilizing his exceptional heading ability to great effect.

Vieri’s post-Torino career boasted impressive stints with giants like Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, and Lazio. His most successful period came with Inter Milan, where he netted 123 goals in 190 appearances over six seasons. While he only secured one Serie A title and two Coppa Italia trophies, his individual accolades are plentiful: Serie A Footballer of the Year, Serie A Italian Footballer of the Year, Serie A Top Scorer, and 1998 FIFA World Cup Silver Boot, to name a few. Vieri’s ability to find space, anticipate defenders, and deliver powerful strikes, both headed and volleyed, cemented his place as one of the greatest Italian strikers and a top header of all time.

4. Peter Crouch: All-Time Greatest Headers

In 2018, Peter Crouch secured his place in the Guinness World Records for the highest number of headed goals scored in the Premier League. Standing tall at 6 feet 7 inches, he posed a constant threat in the penalty area, netting an impressive 51 headers over 19 seasons, surpassing the legendary Alan Shearer.

Crouch’s lack of significant pace was compensated by his exceptional heading ability and his skill in holding up play to involve teammates in the attack. This often resulted in whipped crosses into the box, which Crouch expertly met with headers or volleys. His international career with England was also notable, earning 42 caps and scoring 22 goals, including a memorable hat-trick against Jamaica.

While not all of his goals were aesthetically pleasing, Crouch’s effectiveness on the field and his iconic robot celebration endeared him to fans everywhere.

5. Cristiano Ronaldo: All-Time Greatest Headers

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best players to kick or head a ball in the history of football. The Portuguese forward is constantly battling for the best ever footballer, with Lionel Messi, Pele and Diego Maradona as his competitors. It’s difficult to put into words quite how talented and incredible a player Ronaldo has truly been, despite the ongoing issues currently surrounding the superstar. His statistics, however, say all that really needs to be said.

Since 2002, Ronaldo has 813 goals, which tops the all-time list of top goalscorers.

Also, with the most goals in Champions League history and the most international goals scored, during his 191 Portugal caps, it will likely be a sad day when the veteran retires from the sport.

In total, Ronaldo boasts 701 club career goals in 951 appearances, with 112 of them being scored with his head, blowing every other player out of the water.

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Summing it Up: A Vital, Evolving Skill

Despite the evolving tactics and potential health concerns, heading “All-Time Greatest Headers” remains a vital skill in football. It requires a unique blend of athleticism, timing, and aerial prowess. The players mentioned here, and countless others, have mastered this skill, leaving their mark on the game with thunderous headers and iconic moments. The future of heading in football may be uncertain, but its legacy as a source of spectacular goals and thrilling aerial battles is undeniable.

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