Michael Jordan’s Last Shot: The Pinnacle of NBA History


In the illustrious history of the NBA, one moment stands frozen in time, transcending the boundaries of the game and etching itself as the pinnacle of basketball history. Michael Jordan’s Last Shot, a 17-foot game-winner with 5.2 seconds left, marked the conclusion of his first retirement, sealed the 1998 NBA Finals, secured a second three-peat for the Bulls, and cemented itself as the best play in NBA history. This article delves into the intricacies of that iconic moment, exploring its significance and lasting impact.

The Essence of Michael Jordan’s Last Shot

With a hang time of 0.92 seconds, Jordan’s Last Shot encapsulates the essence of the player Michael Jordan was in a singular moment. Renowned as the greatest player in NBA history, Jordan defied gravity with unparalleled skill, consistently delivering game-winning clutch shots that set him apart from his peers.

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The Build-Up: A Series of Decisive Moves

The sequence leading to Jordan’s Last Shot is etched in basketball lore. After a layup brought the Bulls within a point with 18.9 seconds left, fate intervened as Jordan stole the ball from Karl Malone, extinguishing Malone’s best chance at an NBA championship. Dribbling up the court, Jordan executed a trademark clutch 20-foot jumper, his 25th and final game-winning shot for the Bulls.

The Countdown: 5.2 Seconds that Echo Through History

With a mere 5.2 seconds on the clock, Jordan’s shot reverberated beyond the court. John Stockton’s ensuing missed 3-point field goal sealed the Bulls’ sixth championship, solidifying Michael Jordan’s Last Shot as the epitome of greatness in NBA history.

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Beyond the Game: The Enduring Impact

The resonance of Jordan’s Last Shot transcended the court, extending into the realm of fashion and business. The shoes he wore during that historic moment, the Air Jordan XIV, inspired by the Ferrari 550 M he drove, became a cultural phenomenon upon their release in 1998, marking a commercial triumph.

Legacy Beyond the Court: The Jordan Brand

Jordan’s Last Shot wasn’t merely a basketball play; it was the culmination of his career, elevating his iconic status. The Air Jordan brand, infectious in sneaker culture and beyond, became a symbol of status and a fashion statement. Jordan’s net worth, soaring to $3 billion by the end of 2023, is a testament to the enduring impact of that single moment.

Technological Perspective: A Snapshot in Time

Reflecting on Jordan’s Last Shot raises the intriguing question of how its significance might have differed without modern photographic technology. The indelible image of Jordan elevating for his trademark mid-range jumper, frozen in time, is a visual masterpiece, worthy of gracing the hypothetical front cover of an NBA history book.

The Curtain Call: Jordan’s Actual Last Shot

Despite Jordan’s official last shot coming in 2003 during his tenure with the Washington Wizards, true enthusiasts argue that his last game was the Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. Regardless of perspective, there’s unanimous agreement that Michael Jordan’s Last Shot remains the crowning jewel in NBA history.

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What was Michael Jordan’s best NBA year?

8 Michael Jordan’s 1986-1987 Season Impressed All

What made Michael Jordan so famous?

Turning to professional basketball after his junior year in college, he became the greatest player in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Is Michael Jordan the best player in history?

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.

Where can I find more about Michael Jordan?

NBA Official Website: (

Summing it Up

Michael Jordan’s Last Shot isn’t just a play; it’s a narrative that transcends basketball. Wolfgang Sports’ declaration of it being the best play in NBA history isn’t just hyperbole. The proof lies in Jordan’s post-basketball success, where his business empire thrives. In the end, the enduring allure of Jordan’s Last Shot isn’t just about reliving a historic play; it’s about witnessing the transformative power of greatness, frozen in time and still echoing through the corridors of basketball history. Don’t resist it – Michael Jordan’s Last Shot is undeniably the Best Play in NBA History.

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