Social media explodes after Auston Matthews’ incredible game-winner goes viral

Auston Matthews' game-winning goal

Social media erupted with excitement after Auston Matthews’ stunning game-winning goal went viral.

Whether it resembled an alley-oop, a Hail Mary, or even a Jerry Rice post route, Leafs fans were left in awe.

If the Leafs manage to defeat the Boston Bruins and advance past the first round for the second consecutive year, many will point to Max Domi’s skillful flip pass and Auston Matthews’ impeccable catch and finish as the turning point.

Matthews’ 70th goal of the season (or 69+1, if you’re being precise) was hailed as one of his finest moments on the ice.

The entire play was a spectacle: breathtaking, flawless, and executed with perfect timing.

Social media platforms buzzed with commentary about Monday’s game-winning goal, but let’s not forget the various broadcasters’ reactions throughout the playoff series:

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Of course, no Leafs moment would be complete without hearing Joe Bowen’s iconic call on Toronto radio. The “High Priest of Holy Mackinaw” certainly lived up to his title with his enthusiastic description of the play.

It didn’t take long for Matthews’ heroics to circulate widely on social media, drawing reactions from fans, media pundits, and former players alike. The Leafs and Bruins will resume their first-round series on Wednesday in Toronto at 7 p.m.

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