Auston Matthews Matches Ovechkin’s Goal Record in NHL Cap Era

Auston Matthews goal record

In a thrilling match against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday, Toronto Maple Leafs’ standout, Auston Matthews, showcased his scoring prowess once again, notching his 65th goal of the season on a power play. This achievement sees him draw level with Washington Capitals’ legendary forward, Alex Ovechkin, for the most goals scored in a single season during the cap era. Ovechkin previously achieved this milestone back in the 2007-08 season, while last season, Connor McDavid came close with 64 goals to his name.

Matthews didn’t stop at just scoring, as he also played a pivotal role in setting up Jake McCabe for the overtime-winning goal, marking his 102nd point of the season. Remarkably, he is now just four points away from equaling his career-best tally, achieved during the 2021-22 season when he netted an impressive 60 goals.

Teammates and opponents alike were quick to heap praise on Matthews. Jake McCabe commended not only his scoring ability but also highlighted his defensive prowess, emphasizing his contributions beyond just putting the puck in the net. Meanwhile, Matthew Knies expressed awe at Matthews’ accomplishments, expressing his hope to witness him reach the elusive 70-goal mark.

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With five games remaining in the season, Matthews is on a quest to etch his name in NHL history books by potentially becoming only the 15th player ever to achieve a 70-goal campaign. His recent form, with five goals in four games this month, suggests he’s determined to finish the season on a high note.

As the Maple Leafs gear up to face the New Jersey Devils twice, followed by matches against the Detroit Red Wings, Florida Panthers, and Tampa Bay Lightning, Matthews will be aiming to extend his scoring spree. While Matthews’ scoring prowess is undeniable, teammate Ilya Samsonov maintains that Ovechkin still reigns supreme as the ultimate sniper, with Matthews a close second in the rankings.

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