Ben Davison Excited About Shaping Moses Itauma into Heavyweight Version of Floyd Mayweather

Ben Davison named new trainer for Moses Itauma

Ben Davison, renowned for his successful training stints with top boxers like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, is now turning his attention to shaping the career of rising talent Moses Itauma. The 19-year-old Itauma recently appointed Davison as his long-term trainer, marking a significant step in his professional journey.

Under Davison’s guidance, Itauma secured a notable victory against Ilja Mezencev on the undercard of the Fury-Oleksandr Usyk bout in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This early success has sparked excitement about Itauma’s potential as a heavyweight contender under Davison’s tutelage.

Davison, known for his ability to motivate and refine established fighters, sees Itauma as a unique prospect with immense potential. He praises Itauma’s high IQ, passion for the sport, and versatility in the ring, qualities that align well with Davison’s training philosophy.

Speaking about Itauma’s development, Davison remarked, “His style works with us. He’s a high-IQ type fighter; he’s passionate about the sport. They’re the type of fighters we like to work with.” He envisions Itauma evolving into a well-rounded fighter capable of adapting to various styles and situations, much like legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather.

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Davison’s track record with elite fighters like Fury and Joshua adds credibility to his approach with Itauma. He emphasizes the importance of gradual progress and tailored training, especially for a young prospect like Itauma. Davison’s focus on developing Itauma’s boxing arsenal includes enhancing his versatility, strategic thinking, and ability to control fight tempo.

In addition to technical training, Davison recognizes the significance of quality sparring partners, highlighting the benefits of training heavyweights compared to other weight classes. He aims to create a supportive team environment for Itauma’s growth while ensuring focused training sessions without the constraints of weight management issues.

Looking ahead, Davison is optimistic about Itauma’s potential to make waves in the heavyweight division. With strategic training, a dedicated team, and Itauma’s natural talent, the collaboration between Davison and Itauma holds promise for a bright future in professional boxing.

The boxing world eagerly anticipates Itauma’s continued progress under Davison’s guidance, watching closely as he aims to emulate the success of boxing legends like Floyd Mayweather.

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