Bloomington Bison Forge Partnership with N.Y. Rangers, Welcome Barski as Head Coach

Bloomington Bison affiliation with N.Y. Rangers

The Bloomington Bison have formed a strategic partnership with the NHL’s New York Rangers. This affiliation marks a significant moment for the Bison, highlighting their commitment to growth and excellence. Phillip Barski has been appointed as the Bison’s Head Coach and General Manager.

This collaboration promises a bright future for the Bison, a team deeply passionate about hockey. Aligning with the Rangers, known for their legacy and success, offers immense opportunities for the Bison, their players, and fans. The Rangers’ focus on player development will elevate the Bison’s prospects.

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Barski, with over 15 years of coaching experience in various leagues including the Ontario Hockey League and ECHL, brings a wealth of knowledge and success. He expressed his excitement, stating, “I am honored to be head coach and general manager of the Bloomington Bison. Starting a new team in a city with such enthusiasm for hockey is a tremendous opportunity.” He also thanked key figures like Jim Hallett, Larry McQueary, and Ryan Martin for their support, emphasizing the team’s commitment to excellence both on and off the ice.

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