BKT and Feld Motor Sports Extend Monster Jam Partnership to 2031

BKT and Feld Motor Sports Partnership Extension

BKT and Feld Motor Sports are celebrating a decade of collaboration in Monster Jam, one of the most spectacular motorsport events. Since 2014, BKT has been instrumental in supporting Monster Jam trucks with high-quality tires designed for the extreme demands of stunts and races. The companies have now extended their partnership until 2031.

Throughout their ten-year partnership, BKT has developed a series of competition-specific tires, continually improving each model. The FL 354 pattern, the latest fourth-generation tire, embodies the culmination of years of feedback and innovation. Enhancements include reduced tire width to prevent contact with vehicle parts during stunts, a more rounded shape for better rolling, and increased tread depth in the central area for improved traction and durability. The tire’s shoulder area has decreased tread depth to reduce sinking during cornering, and extra blocks have been added for enhanced traction when landing on tilted surfaces.

BKT’s FL 354 tire is designed to withstand the intense mechanical stress of extreme stunts, balancing advanced performance with safety through rigorous feedback, testing, and ongoing fine-tuning. Monster Jam trucks currently use BKT tires that are 1.7 meters high, weigh 211 kilograms, and are inflated to 1.6 bar to absorb shocks and improve traction.

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These innovative tire solutions, initially created for Monster Jam, can also optimize the performance of agricultural and industrial vehicles. This versatility demonstrates BKT’s technology’s positive impact on efficiency and productivity in various off-highway applications.

Dilip Vaidya, BKT President and Director of Technology, expressed pride in their commitment to research and development, producing cutting-edge tires for Monster Jam and off-road challenges. Rajiv Poddar, Joint Managing Director of BKT, celebrated the 10th anniversary of their partnership with Feld Motor Sports, emphasizing their shared passion for motorsports and commitment to continuous innovation.

The partnership with Feld Motor Sports has boosted BKT’s presence and visibility in off-road sports, promoting the brand internationally. Juliette Feld Grossman, COO of Feld Entertainment, highlighted the collaboration to create optimal Monster Jam tires for the best performance. Bill Easterly, VP of Fleet Operations/Development for Monster Jam, praised the technologically advanced tires developed with BKT to withstand the competition’s demands.

The decade-long partnership has been marked by shared success and challenges, with a renewed commitment to push the boundaries of innovation and performance in Monster Jam until 2031.

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