Blue Jays To Sign Justin Turner


The Blue Jays are set to welcome a new designated hitter for the 2024 season, with reports indicating a one-year, $13 million deal for free agent Justin Turner. The contract includes the potential to earn an additional $1.5 million through roster bonuses and performance incentives, bringing the maximum value to $14.5 million. Pending a physical examination, the deal solidifies Turner’s move to Toronto. Despite Turner turning 39 in November, his impressive 2023 performance with the Red Sox, boasting a .276/.345/.455 slash line and notable contributions, showcases his continued prowess. The seasoned player, known for his consistent batting and leadership qualities, is expected to enhance the Blue Jays’ lineup as the primary designated hitter. Turner’s right-handed presence adds to the team’s lineup imbalance, replacing the left-handed-hitting Brandon Belt.

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Although the move may raise concerns about lineup balance, Turner’s proven track record and offensive contributions position him as a significant upgrade for the Blue Jays. This signing pushes the team closer to the luxury tax threshold, with projections indicating a franchise-record Opening Day payroll. Looking ahead, the Blue Jays face potential rotation challenges and have been linked to other unsigned players, suggesting further moves may be in the pipeline.

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