Bob Arum Expresses Concerns Over Tyson Fury’s Recent Performance

Tyson Fury's decline

Bob Arum Expresses Concern Over Fury’s Recent Performance

Ahead of his highly anticipated bout against Oleksandr Usyk on May 18th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, promoter Bob Arum has voiced reservations about Tyson Fury’s recent decline.

Arum’s doubts stem from Fury’s lackluster showing in his last fight against Francis Ngannou last October. Fury, the 35-year-old WBC heavyweight champion, faced criticism after being dropped hard by Ngannou, a relative novice in boxing, raising questions about Fury’s form and preparation.

“There are two potential explanations,” Arum remarked. “Either Fury didn’t train as rigorously as he claimed, as evidenced by his career-high weight of 277 lbs, or age might be catching up with him.”

Arum, who initially favored Fury due to his size and boxing prowess, admitted to being troubled by Fury’s performance against Ngannou. “Fury looked dreadful in that fight,” Arum stated, highlighting concerns about whether Fury is still capable of performing at his peak.

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The promoter’s comments have ignited speculation about Fury’s readiness for the upcoming clash with Usyk. “If Tyson is on his A-game, there’s no doubt he can defeat Usyk,” Arum stated. “But whether Fury still possesses that level of skill remains to be seen.”

As the boxing world awaits the showdown on May 18th, Arum’s apprehensions underscore the uncertainty surrounding Fury’s current condition and his ability to reclaim his former dominance in the ring.

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