Boxing Trainer Malik Scott Speaks Out Against Jamie Carragher’s Offensive Joke About Kate Abdo’s Loyalty

Malik Scott speaks out

Boxing trainer Malik Scott has spoken out against former footballer Jamie Carragher’s recent offensive joke directed at his partner, CBS Sports anchor Kate Abdo. Carragher’s remark, made during Champions League coverage, insinuated disloyalty on Abdo’s part towards Scott, prompting a swift response from Abdo herself.

In an exclusive interview with Lord Ping, Scott expressed his deep affection for Abdo, labeling her not only as an outstanding sports broadcaster but also as one of the finest individuals he has encountered. Scott emphasized his commitment to Abdo, stating his intention to marry her. He acknowledged Carragher’s apology but stressed the importance of respecting Abdo’s feelings.

The incident occurred when Carragher, in jest, suggested that Abdo wear an Arsenal jersey on air, to which Abdo responded humorously about her loyalty to Manchester United. Carragher then made a comment insinuating disloyalty to Scott, prompting a tense exchange. While Scott acknowledged Carragher’s tendency for sarcasm, he emphasized the need for sensitivity, particularly when addressing women.

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Scott commended Abdo’s handling of the situation and expressed gratitude for the support from his co-host, Micah Richards. He highlighted the chemistry among the panelists but cautioned against remarks that could disrupt that dynamic, particularly when they involve personal relationships.

Despite the incident, Scott maintained a positive view of Carragher and the panel, acknowledging Richards as a personal favorite. He praised Abdo’s dedication to her craft, likening her broadcasting prowess to that of basketball icon Michael Jordan in his sport.

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