Caleb Williams Still Favored as First Overall Pick Ahead of Draft

Caleb Williams first overall pick

Betting odds continue to favor Caleb Williams as the top pick in the upcoming draft, marking it a significant upset if another player were chosen instead. Surprisingly, there’s still a chance to profit from this outcome, albeit with a minimal return on investment.

DraftKings is still offering odds on Williams being selected first overall, currently set at -20000. This means that a $20,000 bet would yield a mere $100 in winnings.

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Despite the slim potential return, the likelihood of Williams not being chosen by the Bears is exceedingly low, with only unforeseeable circumstances posing any threat. Whether it’s a freak accident, an unexpected turn of events, or even a fictional scenario reminiscent of a sports scandal, the odds overwhelmingly favor Williams as the top pick.

While the payout may be modest, the outcome appears virtually assured at this stage.

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