Charlie Baker’s Existential Crisis Belongs To All Of College Sports


Following the eleventh Congressional hearing addressing the “crisis surrounding athletes and their name, image, and likeness rights,” NCAA CEO Charlie Baker appeared disinterested. Faced with inquiries from 20 legislators, Baker attempted to navigate the complexities of the issues but acknowledged an underlying truth. The NCAA finds itself in a precarious position, knowing that despite internal consensus on rule changes, legal challenges are inevitable. Whether from member schools, conferences, antitrust attorneys, or college athletes, there’s a looming existential threat to college sports, overshadowing the efforts to address problems.

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While those closely involved in college sports are attentive to the unfolding drama, key stakeholders, particularly Presidents and Boards of Trustees from non-Power 4 conferences, remain somewhat disengaged despite the potential financial impact on opportunities. Apart from advocating for a proposed antitrust exemption, these leaders and higher education organizations seem only marginally involved in addressing the challenges.

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