Chelsea Set to Pay £17m for Moises Caicedo This Summer Under FIFA Rule

Chelsea Moises Caicedo transfer news

Chelsea is reportedly set to pay an additional £17 million for Moises Caicedo this summer due to a FIFA regulation, adding to their previous £115 million investment in the player. The transfer agreement with Brighton means Chelsea will have paid a significant sum for the Ecuadorian midfielder, who was one of the top signings of last summer.

Brighton, having initially signed Caicedo for £4.5 million from Independiente del Valle, has seen a substantial return on their investment. This upcoming payment to Independiente is part of a FIFA scheme that rewards clubs for developing and selling young talent, with Independiente planning to use the funds to enhance their youth training facilities and for player transfers. Additionally, Caicedo’s former training club, Espoli de Santo Domingo, is set to receive $1 million as part of this arrangement.

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Chelsea’s financial situation, highlighted by a recent pre-tax loss of £90 million, has raised concerns about their adherence to Premier League spending regulations. The club’s significant expenditure on player transfers since Todd Boehly took over in 2022 has put them under scrutiny regarding Financial Fair Play rules.

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