Chito Vera has shared Sean O’Malley’s direct messages before UFC 299, stating, “He’s an unusual guy, he’s into strange things.”

Marlon “Chito” Vera is gearing up for his rematch against Sean O’Malley at UFC 299 with no shortage of animosity between them. Ahead of their bantamweight title bout, O’Malley revealed that they had exchanged direct messages, but Vera described O’Malley as “weird” and noted that he tried to avoid engaging in the conversation. Vera disclosed that he only sent O’Malley a picture of his back and didn’t bother reading his responses, dismissing O’Malley’s attempts to get into his head as ineffective. Vera emphasized his readiness for the fight and his intention to defeat O’Malley, indicating that he was prepared for whatever mind games his opponent might play.

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During the UFC 299 Media Day, Vera elaborated on his interactions with O’Malley, revealing that he responded to O’Malley’s taunts by telling him to “suck my d***.” He emphasized that he’s not interested in being friendly or respectful, stating that he’s a fighter, not a karate practitioner. Vera asserted that he is solely focused on winning the fight and plans to do so by drilling a hole through O’Malley’s face. He also expressed his desire for his corner to provide him with tactical advice during the fight rather than engaging in verbal jabs at his opponent. Looking ahead to a potential title reign, Vera stated that he would defend the belt against whoever is ranked number one, maintaining his commitment to fighting anyone the UFC puts in front of him.

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