Dallas Cowboys Leaning Towards Reuniting with Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott reunion

In a potential twist for the Dallas Cowboys, the absence of a running back selection in the first three rounds of the 2024 NFL Draft has sparked rumors of a reunion with Ezekiel Elliott.

Speculation intensified after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones hinted at the possibility, revealing his interest in bringing back the seasoned 28-year-old. Elliott, who spent the entirety of his NFL career prior to last season with Dallas, briefly donned the New England Patriots’ jersey in 2023.

Despite Jones expressing admiration for Texas running back Jonathon Brooks, who was snatched up by the Carolina Panthers just before the Cowboys’ second-round pick, Dallas still has four more selections in their arsenal. With Elliott now potentially in the picture, those picks might take on a different strategic tone.

“Although the draft is ongoing, and there’s still room for maneuvering, we’re also keeping a keen eye on the prospect of Zeke returning,” Jones stated.

Recent discussions between Elliott and his representatives and the Cowboys brass have fueled further speculation. Jones remains convinced of Elliott’s ability to command the field as an NFL starter.

The Cowboys’ running backs room underwent a shift with Tony Pollard’s departure to the Tennessee Titans in free agency. While several options remain on the roster, including Royce Freeman, uncertainties persist, particularly in terms of experience.

Elliott’s stint with the Patriots in 2023 showcased his durability and versatility, solidifying his standing as a viable asset. His usage surged notably following Rhamondre Stevenson’s injury, demonstrating his capacity to shoulder the offensive load.

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Jones refrained from a definitive commitment to Elliott’s return, opting to assess the draft’s remaining rounds before making a final decision. However, given the relative greenness outside of Freeman in the running back lineup, a reunion with Elliott emerges as a plausible move to fortify the position.

“We have the means to fortify our running back corps,” Jones affirmed. “Zeke remains a compelling option for the Cowboys. As for whether our running back room is complete, I’ll leave that for the future to decide.”

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