Dallas Police Search for Chiefs WR Rashee Rice in Connection with Major Accident


Dallas police are actively seeking Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice regarding his potential involvement in a significant car accident, as reported by The Dallas Morning News. The incident occurred on Saturday evening, with a vehicle believed to be associated with Rice allegedly involved in the crash.

Preliminary investigations by Dallas police spokesperson Kristin Lowman revealed that the accident involved a Chevrolet Corvette and a Lamborghini, both speeding in the far left lane before losing control. While two drivers received minor on-site treatments, two others were hospitalized with minor injuries. Authorities are still working to identify the individuals involved.

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Although Rice’s exact involvement remains uncertain, police documents obtained by The Dallas Morning News list him as the suspected driver of the Corvette. Rice, a standout rookie for the Chiefs, made significant contributions to the team’s success last season, amassing impressive stats as Patrick Mahomes’ primary receiver.

A second-round pick in the NFL draft, Rice’s rookie year showcased his talent, earning him recognition as a key player in the Chiefs’ Super Bowl campaign. Raised in North Richland Hills, Texas, and an alumnus of Southern Methodist University (SMU), Rice’s connection to the Dallas area adds intrigue to the ongoing investigation.

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