Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell Ties Franchise Record for Three-Pointers, Pays Tribute to Lakers Legacy

D'Angelo Russell, Lakers, three-point record

In a night of historic proportions, Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell etched his name alongside the legendary Nick Van Exel, tying the franchise record for three-pointers made. Russell’s 183rd three-pointer not only honored Lakers tradition but also showcased his own remarkable skill and dedication to the game.

Addressing reporters after the game, Russell expressed his deep appreciation for the organization that has been a crucial part of his journey since his rookie days. “Once again, that’s another beautiful feeling knowing what this organization means to me,” Russell remarked. “To have my name in the record books at multiple different organizations…I just give credit to the work that I put in.”

What’s more impressive is Russell’s execution of the signature one-leg three-pointer, a move reminiscent of Van Exel himself. It’s not just about tying records but doing so with style and flair, paying homage to Lakers history while forging his own path.

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Russell’s proficiency from beyond the arc has been a game-changer for the Lakers, elevating their performance and fueling their quest to avoid the dreaded play-in playoff bracket. With each successful shot, Russell is not only rewriting the record books but also propelling the Lakers towards securing crucial victories in the remainder of the season.

As the Lakers navigate the challenges ahead, Russell’s consistent three-point shooting will undoubtedly be a key factor in their success. With his sights set on surpassing Van Exel’s record and leading the Lakers to postseason glory, Russell’s marksmanship could be the difference-maker in the team’s quest for greatness.

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