Daniel Ricciardo amused by Red Bull RB20 amid chilling ‘completely crush’ verdict


Daniel Ricciardo couldn’t help but laugh when the unique design of the Red Bull RB20 was mentioned. He emphasized that Red Bull’s approach is not just about beating the competition but about “completely crushing” them. Red Bull had already left their rivals uneasy after a remarkable performance in the previous season, winning 21 out of 22 grands prix with the RB20 expected to build on the dominant design of the ground effect era.

The success of Red Bull’s concept is evident in the grid gradually shifting towards their design. However, the reigning champions have taken a different path with the Formula 1 2024 RB20, surprising many with its similarities to the abandoned Mercedes ‘zeropod’ concept from the 2023 season.

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Ricciardo, who started 2023 as Red Bull’s reserve driver and now remains with their second team for F1 2024, found it amusing to mention the RB20. He explained that the laughter stemmed from the team’s mentality of not being content with just winning but wanting to “completely crush” the competition. Rather than merely advancing the RB19 design, Red Bull went back to the drawing board to create a car that aims for total dominance.

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