Denver Nuggets Seek Energetic Mascot Handler & Performer

Denver Nuggets mascot handler

Kroenke Sports & Entertainment is on the hunt for a versatile individual to join their team in a role that demands both a keen sense of humor and peak physical fitness, occasionally donning a costume for special appearances.

The position primarily revolves around being a mascot handler, serving as the primary liaison for the mascot and assisting with game day logistics, while also stepping in as a backup performer when needed.

However, prospective applicants should brace themselves for a demanding gig. Mascots, such as Rocky the mountain lion for the Denver Nuggets, have been involved in some exhilarating stunts, with one instance leaving Rocky sidelined for the remainder of the game after a particularly daring entrance.

Though the job entails primarily serving as a backup mascot for external events, there’s a possibility of making appearances at home games, adding an extra layer of excitement to the role.

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While the job description doesn’t explicitly outline feats like rappelling from the rafters, it emphasizes the importance of being in top physical shape, possessing at least one year of mascot experience, and showcasing dance-related skills such as tumbling, cheer stunts, and even stilt-walking.

As compensation, the team offers $25 per hour for handler duties, along with predetermined rates for mascot appearances. In instances where a predetermined rate doesn’t apply, handlers receive $50 per hour.

Although exact figures aren’t disclosed, a study once crowned Rocky as the NBA’s highest earner, raking in approximately $625,000 annually.

For those seeking a departure from the typical 9-5 grind and eager to support the team mascot while occasionally stepping into the spotlight, the application is available on ADP Workforce Now.

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