Detroit Pistons March 2024 Report: Guard Struggles Amid Injuries

Detroit Pistons March 2024

March 2024 brought a slew of challenges for the Detroit Pistons, with injuries and performance dips plaguing the team’s progress. As the month progressed, the Pistons found themselves without key players like Ausar Thompson and Isaiah Stewart for the remainder of the season, while starters such as Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren, and Simone Fontecchio battled various ailments, disrupting team cohesion. Despite the setbacks, the Pistons salvaged four victories, albeit with a hint of irony.

Examining the March report card reveals a mixed bag for each position group:

Point Guards/Guards: D+ The month proved to be an arduous one for Detroit’s guards. With the exception of Malachi Flynn, every player witnessed a significant decline in their field goal percentages, dropping anywhere from 5 to 13 percent. Notably, Sasser, Grimes, Ivey, and Cunningham struggled with efficiency, resulting in a steep decline in three-point shooting for the team.

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Cunningham and Ivey experienced a collective 33 percent drop in their three-point shooting percentages, while Sasser and Grimes saw a staggering 47 percent decline. While it was expected for shooting efficiency to dip after a stellar performance last month, the extent of this decline is concerning.

However, amidst the shooting woes, there were glimpses of positivity defensively. Most guards improved their steals and blocks per game, showcasing a commendable effort on that end of the floor. Additionally, Flynn showcased consistency and reliability when called upon, albeit with a slight dip in his three-point shooting.

It’s worth noting that the poor shooting translated to a decrease in points per game for all guards except Cunningham, who managed to elevate his scoring by 0.5 points. Nonetheless, March proved to be a challenging period, especially for Jaden Ivey, who endured his toughest stretch of the season, shooting just 38 percent overall and a paltry 23 percent from beyond the arc in 15 games.

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