Dustin Poirier and Islam Makhachev’s Fiery Face-Off Before UFC 302 Sparks Tension

Dustin Poirier Islam Makhachev face-off UFC 302

In a dramatic turn of events at the pre-fight press conference for UFC 302, Dustin Poirier and Islam Makhachev engaged in a heated face-off that nearly turned physical. The tension between the lightweight champion and challenger reached a boiling point as they exchanged verbal blows.

During the face-off, Makhachev made a comment about Poirier’s past fights in Abu Dhabi, referencing his bouts with Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. Poirier responded with a confident declaration of his intent to not just defeat Makhachev but to finish him within the distance.

The confrontation intensified when Makhachev instructed Poirier not to speak, prompting a strong retort from Poirier. The exchange culminated in a tense moment when Makhachev raised his hand towards Poirier’s face, leading Poirier to issue a firm warning against such actions.

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Security quickly intervened to prevent any escalation, but the tension lingered throughout the press conference. Both fighters expressed their determination to win, with Poirier emphasizing his respect for Makhachev while urging him to maintain sportsmanship during face-offs.

The stage is set for a highly anticipated showdown between Poirier and Makhachev at UFC 302, promising an intense battle inside the octagon.

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