Evander Kane’s Playful Response to Media Amidst Battle of Alberta Drama

Evander Kane media response

Evander Kane brought some levity to his media appearance following Edmonton Oilers’ practice today, injecting humor into discussions about the recent heated moments during the Battle of Alberta.

In Saturday’s game against the Calgary Flames, tensions flared on the Oilers’ bench between Kane and Corey Perry, sparking speculation among fans and media. This incident followed a similar one involving Kane and teammate Leon Draisaitl during a previous match against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Addressing the media with a grin, Kane quipped about the recurring speculation, suggesting that if people were going to make headlines out of such moments, he might as well start receiving compensation for them. He playfully remarked, “I’ve seen you discussing it on your podcast and elsewhere. People love their drama and clicks, right? Maybe it’s time I start getting paid for it. So, whenever you’re ready to cut me a check, I’ll gladly accept.”

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Both Kane and Perry, who also spoke to the media, seemed in good spirits, exchanging light-hearted banter and answering questions with ease. It was a refreshing break from the intensity of the on-ice battles, showing the camaraderie among teammates even amid heated moments.

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