Fabien Galthie Faces Criticism Over Post-Match Comments Following Six Nations Victory


Fabien Galthie Faces Criticism of “making fun” of France supporters following their much-needed Six Nations triumph over Scotland.
Fabien Galthie, the head coach of the French national rugby team, has come under scrutiny for his alleged mocking tone towards France supporters after their crucial Six Nations triumph over Scotland. Les Bleus secured a hard-fought 20-16 victory at Murrayfield. Breaking a streak of two consecutive defeats that had intensified pressure on Galthie.

The match had a dramatic ending as the Scots’ last-minute try, if awarded, could have led to a third consecutive defeat for the French. Fortunately for them, the try was disallowed, providing a sigh of relief for the visitors.

Despite the relief, In the post-match commentary Fabien Galthie Faces Criticism from former scrum-half Pierre Berbizier. Berbizier expressed discomfort with what he perceived as an “ironic tone” from Galthie. Suggesting that the coach was making light of journalists, thereby disrespecting both them and the public. He emphasized that such humor was ill-timed, given the context of the match and the subsequent fixture against Ireland.


Berbizier further delved into questioning Galthie’s overall coaching record. While acknowledging the positive impact Galthie has had on revitalizing the French team, Berbizier emphasized the need for a closer examination of the coach’s achievements. Despite the team’s improvement, Galthie’s tenure has yielded only one major title – the 2022 Six Nations.

“The numbers, we can make them say what we want. We relied on good numbers, but in four years, we have won one tournament,” remarked the 65-year-old Berbizier, suggesting that more comprehensive success is essential given the team’s significant potential.

Additionally, Berbizier advocated for placing trust in the emerging young talents within the French squad. He highlighted the contributions of players like Nolann Le Garrec and Louis Bielle-Biarrey in the match against Scotland, signaling the readiness of this generation to make a significant impact. Berbizier concluded by suggesting that Galthie should consider preparing these young talents for future competitions, including the upcoming World Cup.

The criticism comes as Galthie navigates a delicate balance between celebrating a vital victory and addressing concerns about team performance and his coaching approach.

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