Hamilton Endorses Adrian Newey’s Possible Shift to Ferrari Amid Red Bull Departure

Adrian Newey's potential move to Ferrari

In a recent press conference ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton stirred up speculation regarding the future of departing Red Bull designer Adrian Newey, suggesting that the renowned engineer would make a remarkable addition to Ferrari, Hamilton’s new team for the upcoming season. Amid Red Bull’s confirmation of Newey’s departure after an illustrious 19-year tenure, media reports have hinted at Ferrari being a frontrunner to secure his services, considering Newey’s esteemed status as one of the sport’s greatest designers.

Expressing his admiration for Newey’s prolific career, Hamilton remarked, “Adrian’s track record and expertise speak volumes, making him an invaluable asset to any team.” While refraining from divulging details about contractual negotiations, Hamilton expressed his eagerness to collaborate with Newey personally, emphasizing his admiration for the designer’s unparalleled skill set.

Regarding Newey’s potential impact on Red Bull post-departure, Hamilton acknowledged the team’s collective effort in car development but underscored the significance of Newey’s individual contribution. Despite Red Bull’s current dominance in Formula 1, Hamilton suggested that any team would benefit immensely from Newey’s involvement.

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Meanwhile, Hamilton’s teammate-to-be, Sergio Perez, praised Newey’s influence within Red Bull, highlighting his multifaceted contributions beyond design, including strategic insights and race weekend dynamics. While acknowledging Newey’s departure as a loss for Red Bull, Perez expressed confidence in the team’s resilience and its ability to navigate through the transition effectively.

As speculation surrounding Newey’s next destination intensifies, Formula 1 enthusiasts eagerly await further developments regarding the iconic designer’s future endeavors and his potential impact on the competitive landscape of the sport.

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