Heightened Security in London, Madrid, and Paris Amid IS Threat to Champions League Venues

Champions League IS Threat

Security has been heightened in major European cities ahead of this week’s Champions League quarter-finals following a reported threat from the Islamic State (IS) group.

In London, authorities have assured a “robust policing plan” for Tuesday’s match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich at the Emirates Stadium. Meanwhile, Madrid and Paris are also on alert, with Spain deploying 2,000 officers for Real Madrid v Manchester City and Atlético Madrid v Borussia Dortmund matches.

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France’s interior minister announced increased security measures for the Paris Saint-Germain vs. Barcelona match after a specific threat from IS, emphasizing the importance of vigilance during major sporting events.

While there’s no specific plot identified, the UK maintains a substantial terrorism threat level. British counter-terrorism sources are cautious but emphasize a strong policing presence at events.

Authorities stress coordination with clubs and UEFA to ensure safety, with matches planned to proceed as scheduled with enhanced security measures in place

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