Islam Makhachev Criticizes Alexander Volkanovski’s Team for Quick Turnaround Leading to Knockout Loss

Islam Makhachev blames Alexander Volkanovski's team

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev has spoken out about Alexander Volkanovski’s recent knockout loss to Ilia Topuria at UFC 298, blaming Volkanovski’s team for allowing him to make a quick turnaround after their bout just four months ago.

Makhachev expressed concern over Volkanovski’s rapid return to the Octagon, emphasizing that it was a mistake on the part of his team rather than Volkanovski himself.

“Alex is a good fighter, he is a warrior, everybody knows. He can fight everyday. But I always said that his team is very bad because this mistake is not Alex’s mistake,” Makhachev stated. “It’s a mistake the team made because the team has to sit with him and tell him, ‘Hey, it’s too soon.'”

Volkanovski, who suffered a brutal knockout defeat at the hands of Makhachev at UFC 294, faced Topuria in February, only to succumb to another stoppage loss in the second round. Makhachev believes that Volkanovski’s team should have advised him to take more time off for recovery after such a devastating knockout.

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“He had a very bad, tough knockout in his last fight. He has to rest for a minimum of three or four months without training, nothing. You have to do some recovery and just wait,” Makhachev explained. “He go to fight again too soon. It was a big mistake. He is a warrior, he can come back, but still, he needs some time. He has to listen to his body and give some time for recovery.”

In response to his recent defeat, Volkanovski plans to take some time off to recuperate. However, he is already eyeing a potential rematch against Topuria, hoping for an opportunity to reclaim victory.

Volkanovski expressed his desire for an immediate rematch, even being willing to travel to Spain to face Topuria again. Whether this rematch will come to fruition remains uncertain, but Volkanovski is determined to bounce back stronger after his recent setbacks.

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