Jon Cooper Advocates for Steven Stamkos to Stay with Tampa Bay Lightning

Steven Stamkos Lightning future

Following a disappointing 5-1 defeat against the Florida Panthers, ending their season, Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper expressed his sentiments regarding the potential departure of captain Steven Stamkos.

The loss, marred by controversial no-goal calls, underscored the significance of the moment, possibly marking Stamkos’ farewell from the Lightning. With his contract expiring and GM Julien BriseBois yet to confirm plans for his return, speculation looms over Stamkos’ future with the team.

Cooper’s stance is unequivocal: he wishes for Stamkos to continue his tenure in Tampa Bay. “He belongs here. We know it. He knows it,” Cooper emphasized, highlighting their shared journey. However, he acknowledges the uncertainty surrounding the situation, noting that only Stamkos and BriseBois hold the answers.

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Despite the outcome, Stamkos’s standout performance throughout the year underscores his value to the Lightning. The decision ultimately rests with BriseBois and Stamkos, but Cooper’s desire for continuity is palpable.

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