Justice Department Settles for $139 Million Over FBI Failures in Nassar Case

FBI failures in Nassar case

The Justice Department has recently announced a groundbreaking settlement totaling $138.7 million with over 100 victims of Larry Nassar, the disgraced former USA Gymnastics team doctor. This agreement addresses the FBI’s initial mishandling of the investigation into Nassar’s sexual abuse case, a failure that left more than 150 women and girls, including Olympic athletes, without proper recourse.

Nassar’s heinous actions, masquerading as medical treatments, resulted in his conviction and a staggering prison sentence of up to 175 years. The Justice Department’s Acting Associate Attorney General, Benjamin Mizer, emphasized the gravity of Nassar’s betrayal of trust, stating that the allegations against him should have been taken seriously from the start.

A scathing inspector general’s report highlighted the FBI’s significant missteps in responding to the Nassar allegations, including fundamental errors and violations of multiple FBI policies by senior officials in the Indianapolis field office. This acknowledgment of failure underscores the urgency of rectifying the injustice suffered by Nassar’s victims.

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Previously, in 2021, a $380 million settlement was reached between Nassar’s victims and USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic Committee, and their insurers. Now, with this latest settlement facilitated by the DOJ, there is hope that survivors of Nassar’s abuse will receive critical support to aid in their healing process.

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