Knicks’ Josh Hart Claps Back at Pistons’ Monty Williams Over Donte DiVincenzo’s Record Night

Josh Hart Monty Williams Donte DiVincenzo feud

Josh Hart of the New York Knicks has clapped back at Detroit Pistons coach Monty Williams following Williams’ complaints about Donte DiVincenzo’s standout performance. DiVincenzo’s remarkable display saw him score a career-high 40 points, including 11 three-pointers, setting a new Knicks franchise record for a single game.

Despite the awe-inspiring performance, Williams wasn’t impressed and expressed his disdain for the Knicks’ tactics in allowing DiVincenzo to excel.

“I don’t care about their team at all. I couldn’t care less. Those guys, the way they got those threes. I don’t want to be a part of that story,” Williams stated.

In response, Josh Hart didn’t hold back, emphasizing the importance of defense in basketball.

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“If he doesn’t want to be a part of that story, he should have told his guys to defend him. What am I supposed to say? We got a guy who is hot. We have to try to find a guy who is hot. That’s common-sense basketball,” Hart fired back.

Williams seemed frustrated with the situation, particularly as six of DiVincenzo’s three-pointers came in the second half when the Knicks were already comfortably ahead. The Pistons coach also referred to a prior game where he felt DiVincenzo should have been called for a foul, contributing to a loss for Detroit.

Despite the contentious exchange, the Knicks sealed a victory, extending the Pistons’ struggles this season. With no further matchups between the two teams this season, Williams won’t have to contend with DiVincenzo’s shooting prowess again.

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