LSU Coach Kim Mulkey’s Reaction to Critical Profile Draws Attention

Kim Mulkey critical profile

Kim Mulkey, renowned coach of Louisiana State University’s women’s basketball team, faced controversy following the release of a comprehensive profile by Washington Post reporter Kent Babb. Mulkey, known for her fiery demeanor and success on the court with four national titles, preemptively labeled the profile as a “hit piece” and criticized Babb, even threatening legal action.

However, upon its publication, the profile revealed a mixed portrayal, acknowledging Mulkey’s coaching achievements and her interactions with fans. One contentious aspect was Mulkey’s displeasure over Babb’s interviews with her estranged father and sister, despite Mulkey having previously discussed family matters in a 2007 autobiography.

Babb delved into Mulkey’s strained relationship with her father, painting a poignant picture of him watching her games from his humble abode, longing for reconciliation. Another focus was Mulkey’s perceived attitude towards gay players, particularly her treatment of former star player Brittney Griner, who is openly gay.

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The profile also highlighted a separate incident involving a controversial commentary by a Los Angeles Times writer, Ben Bolch, who made an inappropriate comparison between Mulkey’s LSU team and UCLA. The remark, labeling Mulkey’s players as “dirty debutantes,” sparked outrage and led to the Times issuing an apology and editing the piece.

While Mulkey scored a victory in addressing the Times’ misstep, her reaction to the Washington Post profile ultimately fell short, with critics viewing it as an overreaction to legitimate journalism.

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