Former Trainer Expects Maxi Hughes to Shine Against William Zepeda After Impressive Performance with Kambosos Jr.

Maxi Hughes backed to improve against William Zepeda

Maxi Hughes, backed by his former trainer Gary Lockett, is poised to showcase an improved performance against William Zepeda following his notable fight with George Kambosos Jr. The 34-year-old is set to face Zepeda at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas this Saturday, with expectations high due to the recognition he gained from his bout with Kambosos Jr in July.

Despite Kambosos Jr being awarded a majority decision in their fight, many observers felt Hughes was the deserving winner, further fueling anticipation for his upcoming match. Lockett, noting Hughes’ growth from past defeats like his 2019 loss to Liam Walsh, believes that his experience against Kambosos Jr has not only boosted his confidence but also honed his skills significantly.

Lockett recalled advising Hughes to take the fight with Kambosos Jr, recognizing his ability to trouble the Australian boxer with his style. Hughes’ performance in that fight, where he arguably outperformed expectations, has propelled him into a higher ranking and instilled greater belief in his abilities.

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Reflecting on Hughes’ journey, Lockett emphasized that losses haven’t deterred Hughes but instead motivated him to become a better fighter. He highlighted Hughes’ ability to handle punchers effectively and expressed confidence in his chances against Zepeda, noting his tactical prowess and adaptability in the ring.

Zepeda, undefeated and known for his punching power, presents a formidable challenge, but Lockett remains optimistic about Hughes’ prospects. He also touched on Kambosos Jr’s upcoming fight with Vasiliy Lomachenko, acknowledging the Australian’s recent success but hinting at potential challenges ahead.

In summary, Maxi Hughes’ upcoming fight against William Zepeda is highly anticipated, with his past performances and continuous improvement underlining his potential for success in the ring.

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