NBA Power Rankings: Nuggets Seize Top Spot, Suns Soar, Celtics Falter

NBA Power Rankings

In a clash of titans, the Denver Nuggets showcased their supremacy by defeating the Boston Celtics, solidifying their position as the team to beat in the NBA. With a 9-1 record post-All-Star break, the Nuggets have ascended to the top spot, leaving no doubt about their current dominance.

The Celtics, on the other hand, have slipped two spots in the rankings after a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, while the Oklahoma City Thunder have impressively climbed to second place with an 8-2 record since the break, surpassing the Celtics and closely trailing the Nuggets in the Western Conference standings.

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A notable surge in the rankings comes from the Phoenix Suns, who have risen ten spots thanks to the return of Devin Booker and Kevin Durant’s stellar performances. Meanwhile, last year’s playoff contenders, the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat, have experienced sharp declines. The Bucks have dropped out of the top 10 following a defeat to a LeBron James-less Lakers, and the Heat fell eight spots after a loss to the Washington Wizards.

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Speaking of the Wizards, along with the Detroit Pistons, they have each secured two victories this week, marking a surprising turn of events in the NBA landscape.

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