NBA Trade Rumors: Warriors Eyed Bulls’ Alex Caruso Before Zach LaVine’s Surgery News


The Chicago Bulls, facing the news of Zach LaVine’s season-ending injury, have drawn attention from the NBA, including the Golden State Warriors. Prior to the announcement of LaVine’s situation, the Warriors had reportedly inquired about Alex Caruso’s availability. Despite Chicago previously dismissing interest in Caruso to focus on a playoff spot, Coach Billy Donovan acknowledges that LaVine’s absence might prompt a reassessment. With a 23-27 record, the Bulls face challenges as championship contenders, and a roster reset, possibly involving Caruso, is contemplated. Caruso’s current value, highlighted by his defensive skills and 40.5% three-point shooting, makes him an attractive asset, especially for a team like Golden State seeking defensive support for Stephen Curry. A potential trade could bring multiple draft picks or young talents for the Bulls.

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