NHL to let judicial process play out in ‘horrific’ 2018 sexual assault case


The NHL will await the legal process before making decisions on the four players facing sexual assault charges related to a 2018 case involving Canada’s world junior team, according to commissioner Gary Bettman. Addressing the situation during All-Star Weekend after the players from the Philadelphia Flyers, New Jersey Devils, and Calgary Flames were charged, Bettman emphasized the need for prudence and responsibility. The players are currently on indefinite leave, and while the league doesn’t find it necessary to suspend them without pay, Bettman stressed the importance of getting the situation right before taking any further action.

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The league had conducted its investigation in 2022 after a woman sued Hockey Canada, accusing eight team members of sexual assault in 2018. The subsequent findings led to settlements and revealed secret funds for such cases within the organization. Bettman highlighted the complexity of the investigation, noting that the woman involved chose not to participate.

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