Oilers Pull Ahead of Kings Thanks to Skinner’s Solid Performances

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EDMONTON — The Oilers are demonstrating a refined approach as they embark on their third consecutive playoff run, drawing parallels to successful teams like Tampa Bay and Colorado in their quest for postseason glory.

While it’s premature to plan any victory parades, the growing disparity between the Oilers and the Kings is becoming evident.

Here are some insights from their recent trip back from Los Angeles:

Skinner’s Rise

Stuart Skinner’s journey in Edmonton has been one of catching up, especially for a team reliant on its superstar forwards but lacking consistent goaltending support. When Jack Campbell was brought in two summers ago amid pressure to solidify the goaltending position, Skinner wasn’t yet considered the answer. However, after Campbell’s struggles, Skinner stepped up admirably in his rookie season, earning recognition as a Calder Trophy finalist. Now, he’s demonstrating further growth.

In a pivotal Game 4 where he made 33 saves for a shutout, Skinner showcased his ability to secure crucial wins with the support of strong team defense. Oilers defenseman Mattias Ekholm emphasized Skinner’s development, noting his increased composure, positional solidity, and the challenge of beating him. For the team, Skinner has become a reliable cornerstone, embracing his role as the primary goaltender and consistently delivering strong performances.

While fans often expect perfection, Ekholm highlighted the true measure of a goaltender’s quality lies in their ability to bounce back from off nights—a trait Skinner has shown consistently.

Kings’ Dilemma

The gap between the Oilers and the Kings seems to be widening, especially if the Kings fail to mount a comeback from their 3-1 series deficit. Despite the Oilers acknowledging the Kings’ resilience, there’s a sense that the Oilers are asserting their dominance, potentially closing out the series in five games.

Skinner’s stellar play has been instrumental in the Oilers’ success, with his save percentage ranking among the top playoff starters. In Game 4, despite being outshot, the Oilers managed to control key scoring opportunities and emerged victorious. While Skinner played a crucial role, the team’s collective effort was equally vital, showcasing their ability to grind out wins even when not at their best.

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Learning from Experience

Ekholm drew from his playoff experiences with the Nashville Predators, emphasizing the necessity of winning games, even when outplayed. Game 4 against the Kings exemplified this principle, as the Oilers secured a hard-fought victory despite facing significant pressure from their opponents.

In conclusion, as the Oilers continue their playoff journey, Skinner’s emergence as a reliable goaltender and the team’s ability to grind out victories are becoming increasingly evident, positioning them as formidable contenders in the postseason.

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