Gasly not expecting any ‘magic tricks’ for Saudi Arabia after lowly Bahrain finish for Alpine

Pierre Gasly, the driver for Alpine, didn’t shy away from addressing the uphill battle his team faced at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Both Gasly and his teammate, Esteban Ocon, found themselves finishing the race outside the points, highlighting the substantial challenges Alpine encountered during the season opener.

The root of their struggles seemed to stem from the team’s introduction of the new A524 concept, which failed to deliver the desired results in its debut race. This setback marked a disappointing start to the 2024 season for Alpine, leaving them with much ground to cover to catch up with their competitors.

Adding to the team’s woes was the departure of two key figures, Technical Director Matt Harman and Head of Aerodynamics Dirk de Beer. Their exit prompted a significant reshuffle within the technical department, signaling a period of adjustment for Alpine amidst the ongoing changes.

Gasly’s candid assessment of the situation reflected the team’s realistic outlook. He openly admitted that the car lacked the necessary performance to compete at the level they aspired to. Despite the disappointment. Gasly maintained a pragmatic approach, understanding the challenges that lay ahead for the upcoming Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

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The combination of technical difficulties with the new car and the organizational changes within the team painted a complex picture for Alpine as they navigated the early stages of the season. However, Gasly’s acknowledgment of the situation hinted at a determination to address the issues head-on and work towards improvement.

Lastly, as the team prepared for the next race in Saudi Arabia, Gasly’s words underscored the need for a focused and resilient effort from Alpine to overcome the obstacles they faced. With the season still in its infancy, there remained ample opportunity for the team to regroup, adapt, and strive for better results in the races to come.

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