Police release images of man after football fan ‘slashed’ and left with life-changing injury


Law enforcement authorities have released CCTV footage of an individual sought in connection with a violent incident at a North London pub during a pivotal Premier League match, resulting in severe injuries to a football fan. The distressing attack transpired in April last year, during the high-stakes clash between Manchester City and Arsenal.

A 33-year-old supporter engaged in a dispute with another individual while watching the match, allegedly resulting in a knife-inflicted injury to his face. The assailant’s action caused a deep laceration across the victim’s face, leading to life-altering consequences. Almost ten months after the incident on April 26, 2023, at approximately 8:30 pm, the victim continues to receive treatment for the lasting effects of the injury. The altercation occurred in a pub in Tollington Park, Islington, where both men were watching the football match, ultimately won 4-1 by Man City, marking their path to Premier League and treble success last season.

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Initial interactions between the two individuals throughout the evening were reportedly without issue. However, a brief verbal altercation later escalated, culminating in the suspect brandishing a knife and slashing the victim’s face, causing a significant laceration extending from the left cheek to the lip.

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